Samantha (Yellow) and Sierra (black) Bonded Pair.

January 9, 2018
Hello all, 
We are Samantha (yellow) and Sierra (black)! We are a bonded pair and need to stick together, please!
We are so happy to be out of that noisy cold shelter in time to spend Christmas with a family in a warm quiet home. We have two fur siblings and we get along just fine with them. Our favorite thing to do is nap in whatever room foster mom is in. We don’t let her out of our sight . We are so happy to be here.  We don’t walk very well on a leash. Our owner was 97 so we didn’t get walked much. FM takes us one at a time for a walk and we just love it. We are very young active seniors at 9 and 11. We would love a family of our own with a fenced in yard so we can safely run and play.
FM says we are just great dogs!