February 27, 2017

January 6, 2017

Some people say I am quite handsome – I’m not sure why . . . IMG_3074 (1)maybe it’s my thick and fluffy yellow coat . . . or the way I look at you when you offer me a yummy treat. You see, I never knew that there were kind, caring people out there who would take me for walks and give me treats and let me sleep on a warm, cozy bed!
When Brookline first saw me, I was definitely NOT a handsome dude at all – my coat was dirty and coarse, I was missing hair and I had a huge open sore on my belly. But even though I wasn’t exactly at my best, they saw the sweet, gentle soul behind those eyes and decided to help me.

As you can see from my pictures, I have come a long way. All of IMG_3071 (1)my sores are healed, my bare patches are gone, and I actually have a bit of a spring to my step (even if I do say so myself!). I love, love, love to go for walks, and will get very excited when I see the leash. I am also learning how to play ball – well, at least my version of ball. I actually do a little two step when I see a ball now, as before I didn’t know what that silly thing was. But now I know it keeps moving away, and I do my own happy dance when I go after it!
Like many older gentleman, I have some arthritis and am taking some medication to help. I also am a bit sensitive to certain foods, so I am on a grain free diet, which has really helped not only with my allergies, but also with my figure! That must be why all the girls keep looking at me.
But speaking of dogs looking at me, I’m fine with them looking IMG_3075 (1)but I really don’t like them in my face. I can be a bit crotchety if someone gets too close – I like my personal space. Come on, you know some of you feel the same way! I really want to be the king pin at this point in my life – you can’t blame a fella!
So if you’re looking for a stately gentleman, who is just a little hard of hearing, but who loves being with his people and chilling after a good walk, then I’m the guy for you!


15972421_1338811959491363_7787681891249253314_oSmokey has now been with us for a little over 3 months he is still the same happy and loving dog he has always been! He recently had a bath (check out the video), and we were pleased to find out that his rash has been clearing up! So much so that when he is washed he doesn’t have any issue when she rubs in that area. He is able to be washed in the tub without any issues or problems and he’s not antsy or in any rush it get out of it. The woman that washes him uses and oatmeal cherry shampoo to really get his coat clean, and we all agree that he smells great!! Please help give this loving dog a home he is great!16107225_1338811962824696_5956955805372456458_o






Video of Smokey:


November 18, 2016

20161112_124014Update! Smokey has been doing very well lately! He recently went to the vet and was groomed, so now he’s happier than ever. The vet told us that he might have allergies, so they recommended we give him benadryl which has really improved his health. He still loves to go for walks even though it is getting colder outside, a
nd is pulling less on the leash when he sees other dogs. He grows more loving each day, and is even satisfied when we’re just sitting with him in the living room. He takes his pills without any problems and is getting healthier each day. He is such a lovable and loyal dog who will make a great companion! Please contact for more information.


October 16, 2016

1016161434cSmokey has been with us now for almost two months, and I think it’s safe to say that he is well adjusted! He still loves to go for walks, but we’ve discovered that he is quite a fast runner when he sees rabbits and deer. The best news so far is that Smokey has finally learned how to sit!  Yes the saying is true you can teach an old dog new tricks! He sits with and without a treat, but because he is very hard of hearing, I try to sign something with my hands so that he understands, and so far this has continued to be successful. Smokey is still his sweet lovable self and loves attention.  Might he be the perfect addition to your family?


September 5, 2016

Smokey1Smokey is a very loving 9 year old lab mix who came to us on 8/24/16. When he came to us he was very anxious as most dogs are in a new situation, but as the days go on he is becoming a lot more comfortable.

Smokey loves to go on walks and he walks nicely on a leash. He prefers short walks but despite some arthritis, he is up for the challenges of walking up hills on gravel and asphalt.

Smokey is housebroken and is fine being left alone at home for a few hours without any accidents or jumping on and chewing furniture. Smokey is a little hard of hearing and because he has had a hard life prior to being picked up by Brookline he struggles to learn how to be a dog at times. He doesn’t know how to play or fetch like most dogs would, but he’s very smart and with lots of love and patience and persistence, does respond to a few commands such as stay and lay down.

Smokey hasn’t had much time to learn what it’s really like to Smokey2interact with other dogs, so we just say hi from afar for now. He loves to be around people and doesn’t bark through the day or night so he’s not disruptive at all. He is nothing but a big love and I’m sure he would thrive in a household with patient and loving owners.

Stay tuned for more updates about him, and if you have any questions about him feel free to email for more information.

August 2, 2016

Smokey is a very sweet 9 year old yellow lab mix that came to me on 7/29. He was abandoned by his owner and when he arrived at the animal hospital he had a large, painful tumor on his testicles and wasn’t neutered. Luckily Brookline came to the rescue and arranged for his tumor to be removed and got him neutered at the same time.  Smokey came through both surgeries with flying colors and I’m happy to report the tumor was benign!!
Smokey is recovering nicely and likes to be around his people. He is house broken, walks nicely on a leash, and doesn’t jump on furniture. He has free roam of our home with no accidents or destructive behavior. He loves to be outside!!  Smokey does need help learning to be a dog in that he doesn’t know how to play, doesn’t know any commands and I’m not sure he knows his name. However, he is super smart and I have no doubt is a fast learner. The
vet hospital said he was good around other dogs and children and now that he is almost healed we are going to expose him to both. I think if he does in fact do well with other dogs he will surely learn even faster what it means to be a dog. Stay tuned!!