August 27, 2017

What more can we say about this sweet lady! Our mini lab is as close to perfect as it gets!She has a great disposition and would be a great addition to most homes and her size makes her much easier to handle than the bigger guys/gals!

As she becomes more relaxed in her foster home she has showed us how much she lives for a ride in the car.

If you’re not quick enough she will get out the door and run right for that car and she will not be happy until she gets in it and goes for a ride!

On our walks she continues to think that everybody that passes by is there to see her. She stops with a friendly wag of the tail to greet everybody …dogs and humans and vehicles. I started calling her wiggles!

Although this girl needs to lose about 10 pounds she can really move on her walks… keep up or get left behind …she is very busy with her smells and has not a moment to waste.

She has a lot of spunk, please nicely and then settles down to relax easily.

If we didn’t have a resident dog that craves ALL the attention…she would be with us forever.

Whoever adopts this little girl will be one luckyfamily/person!




August 22, 2017

Little Ms. Smokie,  our mini black lab, continues to thrive!

She is such a delightful girl.

She is much more playful and even though she needs to shed about 10 lb

s, this girl can move when she wants too! She is also a great alert barker.

She started her weight loss food and is transitioning well. She lives for car rides too!

I took Smokie to the pet store today.  There were several cats there and she showed no interest….this  social girl was much more interested in approaching all of the dogs in the store. 😁

August 17, 2017


Good Morning:


Smokey is one sweet gal! She is the perfect guest. Whoever adopts this precious girl will be one lucky family/person!

Smokey is the 9 year old black lab mix who had to hide  in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs for the past month or so.

She is about 10 lbs overweight,  so we will work on that with the proper food and exercise. She and Max my resident dog are getting along,  although Max doesn’t seem to be enjoying sharing the spotlight.

She just loves being around other dogs and is very playful with them as she came from a home that she shared with two others. Her brother just passed away and the owner said she was very depressed. This baby has been through a lot of change recently.

Her paper work said she is not interested in treats or ball but she has been quite playful and loving her treats. She also feels at home enough to give alert barks, which the paperwork said she stopped doing.

She is quite relaxed here and seems to be enjoying her stay at Camp Paulsen. We are thoroughly (minus one spoiled dog) enjoying her visit too.

More updates to follow……

August 15, 2017

Smokey is a precious 9 year old mini black lab. Her paperwork says she’s a mix but except for her “smaller” size she looks very Labby.   In any case, whoever adopts this girl will be one lucky family/person.  Her foster family adores her. She is very well mannered, social, loves children and other dogs. She does not go on the furniture or counter surf.

After a morning walk she is content to relax on her blanket or look out the window at the wildlife.  She is overweight  but with the right diet and exercise she should shed those pounds quickly, you wouldn’t think so, but this girl moves at a quick pace on her morning and evening walks. She won’t be the only one shedding pounds 😀

She previously lived on 2+ acres of land so she would be content in a home with some land or a residential neighborhood where she can walk and play with other dogs.  She really seems to come out of her shell when she’s around other dogs. She lived with two other dogs who passed away, one just a month ago, and she was very depressed. We’re guessing she was the matriarch of that crew because she keeps our 2 year old resident dog in line, but in a very gentle way.

She struggles a little bit going up a flight of stairs but when her weight comes down she will be fine.

Look for more updates on this gem of a girl ….she is as good as it gets!