April 23, 2017

Hi, Spire here.  I am glad I get a chance to say hi to all of you.   I am a happy and lovable labby girl that has been foster care for the last several months recuperating from various ailments.  I came up from Florida and lost my Mommy in October.  Brookline decided I was a good girl and they took me in.  It’s just me and my foster Mom and we live in a townhouse in Exton.  I have a foster grandma and grandpa too that like to visit me.  I was sick with Heartworm and have been through the treatment.  My last test is due for August.  The doc says my heart sounds good.  I still have a periodic cough but it doesn’t bother me much.  My foster Mom says she is keeping an eye on it.  I lost 20 pounds and the doc says 5 more to go.  I love my walks.  I get 3 a day.  I love kids too, all sizes and shapes and ages.  I like to have doggy friends as well.  Car rides are a favorite and so are belly rubs.  I wasn’t walked much before so I am loving this walking thing!  My foster Mom says I don’t pull so much anymore.  But watch out if I see a little critter, I want to run and chase.  When I first got to my foster home I escaped through doors and the fence.  But foster Mom makes me sit and wait for her “ok” before we go out so I am much better.  I know sit, down, stay, wait, and come too.  Well, “come” is tough sometimes if we are outside but inside I always come when I am told.  I am working on “leave it”.

When I first came into foster care I licked my leg all the time and had big red sores.  But those are gone too and I don’t have to wear that silly cone now.  I love sleeping on the couch and on my bed and watching out the window for my foster Mommy to come home.  I am a good girl and even have proof!  My foster Mommy watches me on a camera all day.  As long as there is nothing left open and available to get into I am good as gold.  I can get excited but also can be very mellow.  Oh- I forgot to tell you!  The doc took out lots of my teeth.  Boy, do I feel better and I even have enough left to chomp, chomp, chomp!  It has been nice to meet ya and I will write again soon!  Love, Spi Spi

January 3, 2017

15747745_10211689219290533_4455480709893554643_nSpire has been in foster care for about 2 months now.  She is being treated for heart worm.  The most challenging part of the treatment will be starting next Tuesday.  It will continue through March.  During this time she will be kept as still and quiet as possible.  Running around can cause the dying worms to break off and flow through her blood.  This would not be a good scenario therefore she is on prolonged bed rest.  She is still a happy girl though and is getting all the lovin’ in the world.

October 24, 2016


Well Spire has been with me one week., and she is a total love bug.  She is all about getting belly rubs and pets and falls to sleep during the love fest with a goofy grin on her face and her BIG OL Belly exposed.  Check out her in the video cam photo.  Her UTI is getting better and she has stopped leaking.  She also is more playful since the start of the antibiotics.  One area of concern is that she has sores on her leg she is licking a lot.  The vet thinks it could be because she doesn’t feel good and is uncomfortable.  I redirect her when she starts licking them-but seeing them hurts my heart a bit.  She also has an infected tooth that probably needs to come out–but all that needs to wait because her heartworm treatment comes first.  She also needs to loose some of that belly because I am sure carrying all that weight around is not good for her.  She has started to play fetch and LOVES the kong squeeky ball we got in her care package.   I took her on a visit to my Mom’s and she was a good house guest, but it seems she is most comfortable with me in my house.  So for now we will keep it that way.  Will update again soon.

Ospire2ctober 19, 2016

Spire continues to be the perfect house guest.  Last night she didn’t just jump up and snuggle at my feet but rather snuggled into my belly and wanted me to spoon her.  She is like a big squishy soft bear, weighing in at 94 pounds–OH MY!  She was seen by the vet yesterday and has a bacterial skin infection with itching as well as a UTI.  All of this needs to be treated before we even start the heart worm treatment.  She did great at the vet and was friendly to everyone.  She continues to be happy and easy going.  We did get her care package.  THANK YOU!  I went to get it from the front door and she slipped out the door crack.  Turns out she is an escape artist.  I ran after her in the yard and she didn’t get very far before she stopped to sniff.  But I do say she was quite a bit faster than I anticipated.  My chunky girl has some speed!  As far as diet, she is not interested in the green beans but likes carrots.  So she is transitioning to grain free Natural Balance sweet potato and duck with carrots as treats and filler.  I have to be careful because she may have skin allergies.  But the vet does not think she does because her ears look great.

October 18, 2016

 I am watching Spire on video cam right now from work and she is laying quietly watching the passerby people from a window.  When I left this morning there was no whining or barking.  She just sat and watched me drive away.  She was great last night too.  She slept on her bed, with me, then by the window looking out.  She is super happy and so loving.  Apparently her Mom fed her cheese instead of dog food so she is a real chunkster.  She has dog food in her bowl but isn’t interested this morning.  She did eat it last night.  Walks are great.  She has an extra large Easy Walk.  (Mom is coming today to walk her about 10:30 am.)  I am sure after some weight loss she will fit a large.  She loves kisses and pets and leans into them.  I will be calling my vet today to talk about heart worm treatment.  She may have a UTI so we will take her to the vet soon.  She is house trained (no accidents) but when you take her out she squats to pee over and over even if nothing comes out.  For now there does not seem to be the reactive adjustment stage many foster dogs have.  She is easy going and a love!

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