July 13, 2017 Guess what?!  foster mom (FM) told me today that I am now available for adoption! I am so excited to meet my future forever family, but my FM wanted me to tell you the type of home that she thinks would help me becom e the fabulous dog she knows I am underneath all of my youthful high energy! I need a home where I can be the main focus, which is why my FM thinks I would probably do better in an only dog home and a home with older children. I am an absolute Velcro dog and love to be near my people at all times, so I can get a bit demanding for attention and love. If I get separated from them, but they are still relatively close I will bark to try to get their attention so that I can be with them. I do not have separation anxiety as I am fine in the crate and do not bark if my family is not home or if I cannot hear them elsewhere in the house. I also need a lot of training with my new family to help me control my overexcitement when I get overstimulated by another dog, small animal, etc. I am a lot to handle at 100 pounds when I get overly excited. FM has been working with me during our walks to curb my over enthusiasm with other animals and she says I have been getting better. To keep me from getting bored I also need lots of exercise and toys to keep from getting into everything and anything in the house. I could be destructive if left alone for too long and I love to pick up clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, toys, etc. and carry them around the house to get my foster family’s attention. FM takes me for two long walks a day and I hang out in the backyard with FM a lot and we play ball and I play with my foster fur brothers too. FM says that if she did not have her other two dogs she would keep me for herself because I am so handsome, sweet, fun, and loving, and she sees so much potential in me! I would agree with her! Love, Sunny       July 5, 2017 Hi there! My name is Sunny. I am a gorgeous, large (just around 100lbs.), energetic young (2-1/2 years old) yellow lab. I became a part of the Brookline family last Friday when my FM picked me up from the Smoketown vet where I was neutered last week (not my idea of a fun time!). It has taken me a few days but I am settling in well with my new foster family. I have two foster fur brothers (5 and 7 years old) who weren’t too sure about me at first because I don’t have very good doggie manners and I was SOOO excited to meet them. But, after a few more introductions in my new backyard we all became pals and now have fun playing together in the backyard. I am slowly but surely learning their cues when they tell me that they have had enough playtime or they aren’t in the mood to play with me. In my previous home, I did not get a lot of exercise and FM says I could lose a good 10-15 lbs, so she takes me on long walks around my new neighborhood a few times a day. Between the walks, playing with my foster fur brothers, and playing fetch with my human siblings I am pretty whooped at night. I do well on the leash although I do pull or lunge when we come across another dog or when I see a squirrel. FM uses an EZ-walk harness and she is able to control me pretty easy with that when I get overexcited. Other than my excitability she says I am a dream dog to take on a walk! FM says I have a lot of personality and that I am a ton of fun! I do a lot of silly things, including picking up anything laying around the house and carrying it around in my mouth. I am learning the commands “Drop It” and “Leave It” but I really have selective hearing when it comes to them. If my foster family doesn’t see me take my find I will walk around with it at first but then I will lay down and start to chew on it, which means I need to be supervised. If FM is busy with something else and can’t stay on top of me, she will put me in my crate for some quiet time. I will willingly go in to my crate with a treat and a bully stick! I spent a lot of time in my crate in my previous home so if I hear my family talking while I am in there I will get upset and start barking. If I don’t hear my family, I am content and will take a nap. I am good with kids of all ages. I currently live with a 15 and 10 years old. I am friendly but overly excitable with other dogs. I would probably do best in a house where I am the only dog or where the other dog is a young energetic dog that would love a playmate. Cats are probably not an option since I have a high prey drive, but I have never been tested with cats. It would also help me and my new forever family to go through obedience training. FM says I am a fabulous dog who just needs to learn some manners and my forever family will be lucky to have me. I am so excited!!!! Love, Sunny

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