Toby, 10 yr old chocolate male

August 15, 2017

This big, chocolate hunk of love is looking to rejoin a wonderful family.  Toby used to live in a family complete with kids and cats – a family that he loved.  However, unfortunately, they decided to drop this 10 yr. old sweetie at a shelter.

Toby LOVES his people, and just wants to hang out with them.  He is a low energy kind of guy, just loving to stroll along, smelling the roses.  He gets excited meeting other dogs, and sometimes becomes a bit too enthusiastic for some.  Since he has never lived with dogs, it is a whole new world for him, and he doesn’t always have the best doggy manners.  So he would do well in a home either without dogs or with a laid back buddy.

Toby is very healthy for his age – he passed his physical with flying colors!  Even the vet was impressed!  He is also neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations. He does have a bit of arthritis, but don’t all of us older folks?

Toby weighs in at a lean 94lbs.  He’s just a big ol’ teddy bear though.  He is completely house trained and does very well with free roam of the house.

Toby walks well on leash, especially with a harness.  He doesn’t mind car rides with a little assistance getting his hind end into the car.

This sweet senior deserves to spend his golden years once again being pampered and loved.  Do you have room in your heart (and home) for sweet Toby? Please contact for more information.




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