Tracey, 7 yr old chocolate female

February 10, 2018

Tracey continue to fit in well with our brood. She knows where we keep the treats and lines up, along with the other dogs, waiting for hers. This week we had another dog visit our home while the owner was on vacation. Tracey wanted to meet the dog in the worst kind of way! The visiting dog is only 10 lbs and is 14 years old so we had to discourage Tracey from greeting the visiting dog. Tracey wasn’t going to hurt the dog, rather, she wanted to be friends! Due to Tracey’s size and her moving full-steam ahead when excited, we still think it was best to keep them separated. Tracey does enjoy being around other dogs but will likely do equally well with just humans , as long as they give her lots of love and scratches!
Unlike most labs we have had, Tracey gently takes food from your hand! Tracey is good at taking pills too! She is being treated for Lyme (although she is asymptomatic).
Tracey likes to alert us when someone is outside, walking down the road or when a neighbor is pulling in the driveway. What a good watch dog she is!

February 4, 2018

Tracey continues to do well at our house. She has finally been introduced to our beagle (the alpha) and they are getting alone well. Tracey is picking up on her furry friend’s social queues and is an accepted member of the pack. Within a few days, she learned where the treats are kept and quickly goes to receive her treat after going potty outside. Tracey frequently nudges for affection by poking her nose at the humans. She continues to do well with house training. No accidents so far.

The picture shows Tracey (on the left) and our resident lab, Tank.

February 2, 2018

Today is the third full day that we have had Tracey in our house. She continues to be a happy go lucky girl. She gets excited when she sees her furry foster friends and humans. Tracey jumps up upon greeting humans and sometimes tries to nibble your hands, but she quickly calms down. When Tracey needs to be directed to calm down she does so after a few minutes. She’s doing well with house training as there haven’t been any accidents to date. She goes up and down the stairs which are outside on the deck, but is slightly hesitant to go up and down the steps in the house, which may be due to the steps not being carpeted. Tracey seems to have been crate trained as she goes into the crate when being told and quickly sits down. She will be spayed on Feb 23, 2018.

January 30, 2018

Hi my name is Tracey.  My foster dad thinks I know my name but my foster mom says I am just so happy to hear people talk and be around them that they could probably call me just about anything and I’d respond!  I am happy!  And I’m a high energy, well-fed, lovable lab that

doesn’t know my own strength. Not bad for just having turned 7 years old if I do say so myself.  My foster parents were told that I was raised on a farm and was an outdoor dog,  but I have no fear of being in a house.  In fact I quite like it.   My only hesitation is walking on the hardwood floors. I go up and down stairs and have jumped on the couch, and slept in bed with my foster dad the first night! Also my first night I discovered that my foster parents have a fish tank! Boy, was I fascinated with the fishes swimming back and forth!  Way cool!

I occasionally put my nose on the table so my foster mom called me a counter cruiser, so I guess we’ll be working on that.  I am highly food motivated and I really want to be around my furry foster friends. The foster home I am staying in has both a male and female chocolate lab and a male beagle. The male chocolate lab is very nice to me. The female lab is a little jealous of me but also wants to play with me. The beagle is the alpha in the house and is quite spoiled so I haven’t spent time alone with him yet, so the verdict is out as to whether he will be my friend. If I have my way, I’ll win him over.  I know how to shake and sit, so apparently they have figured out that I’m smart.   I soon will be spayed and looking for a forever home!  Stay tuned for updates.