December 30, 2016

Trapper is doing fine, not at all happy about having to stay so inactive with the heartworm treatment. We have had to cut down his food intake since he went from 173 to 183 owing to his inactivity.  Pictured here is as active as he gets. But the bottom picture is (as may be implied from the look on his face) utter boredom!  Trapper’s next vet appointment is in February and we’re hoping for a heartworm-free diagnosis so that he can go to his furever home.  Check back for updates. image2 (1)               image1 (2)               October 25, 2016fullsizerender-3-1 Trapper is great! He’s so “healthy” that he pulls on the leash so vigorously for bunnies and squirrels, but is fine with our kitties!  He lives to play, loves to “lean”, eats RAVENOUSLY (slo-down bowl needed), but sits for bowl to be placed on floor. He doesn’t cough anymore and finished his month of doxycycline. Next week the HW injections should start, and I am hoping he tolerates well.  He sleeps in his crate willingly and NEVER a whimper or accident! He got away from foster dad yesterday and went in our pond! He was a muddy mess so I had to get him cleaned in the shower after we left him tied out in the sun to dry off for a bit! When I got home from work I gave him a proper shower/ bath. He was Soooo good in the shower, and for the blow-dryer as well that I suspect he’s been to a groomer before! image2-9What a loving creature he is.  Wish him luck during his heart worm treatment and his foster parents (in keeping him quiet).       October 9, 2016 My name is Trapper . They think I’m about 5, but I act like I want to still be a puppy.  My image1-15foster mom only lets me walk off the leash in the yard.  No counter surfing, and I HAVE been tempted!  I sleep every night in a cushy huge crate! No barking, no whining and glad to see everyone with my totally wiggly body in the morning. image1-11I met one kitty and we kissed. Now Bob-bob (the cat) joins us on short walks and likes me. See my picture with him! img_6908-1I am strong on the leash, but foster mom (FM) says. Trapper “leave it” and I generally stop pulling on the leash! I also know “back”, “down” and ‘paw’.  FM calls me a glue-dog because I just want to be EVERY place she goes (yes, even the bathroom), but if I am told “back Trapper”  I move to the edge of the vinyl floor. I go up & down steps & jump in the back of a car with image1-9the greatest of ease. I eat so fast I must have a slow-down bowl! I really like img_6933-1food time, and peanut butter… oh I dream of peanut butter. Mom puts some peanut butter in a big red KONG & I can play quite a while by throwing it around by myself.

My new step-dog buddies think I’m goofy, but let me know my boundaries and I am very willing to oblige! I also learned to throw around green walnuts that {FM} was throwing from the grass onto the stones in the driveway today. I thought they were tennis balls at first & just played as she threw each one. I must say, I am a ‘funny guy’. Turns out I am heartworm positive and I’m not sure quite what that means but I guess it means I need some special medicine and can’t overdo it while I’m recovering.  I think I’m pretty happy here so that’s OK with me.  Stay tuned for updates.


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