April 16, 2017

Trigger is doing great.  She is out of the diapers (yay!) and is will be available shortly for adoption.  She continues to have a great demeanor and is determined to be an easy houseguest.  She is great free-roam, doesn’t get on the furniture unless you invite her, doesn’t beg and is fitting in with the pack now.  When she is getting attention from her people she sometimes still verbally lets her fur siblings know that it is her turn for some lovin’ but they all speak the same language and she is accepting and giving licks to them now too.  She loves, loves her walks and being outside- it’s of course what she is used to, but she is equally comfortable hanging out inside.  She still has a bit of an obsession with the cat un the house (she could sit and stare at her for hours) but she hasn’t tried to pounce on her of late, and the cat just holds its ground and stays put.  Still I think she’d do best in a cat-free home as I’d worry about what she might do if the cat were to make a run for it. Because Trigger can’t be spayed for a month or two, she is going to be placed in a home where her family will agree to get her spayed as part of the adoption contract.  We love her here, but because she is “good to go” it makes more sense for her to go to her furever home April 7, 2017 Meet Trigger, a gorgeous 5 year old black lab that came to us from a farm because she couldn’t have puppies.  We’re so lucky this is the case because she is a delightful dog.  She is well socialized and just loves her people.  Her foster family has a few other dogs and for now she isn’t all that interested.  Whether it’s because she’s stressed from the move, because she is in heat (yup, that was a surprise to her foster family) or she’s just more a people-oriented dog is hard to say yet.  What is obvious is that she is going to make some family very happy. She loves being talked to, having belly rubs, long walks and chasing after balls.  And even though this is her first time in a home, she hasn’t had an accident yet (but we’re taking fairly frequent potty breaks).  While she doesn’t love the crate, she sleeps quietly in one all night long in her foster parents’ room.  Trigger’s foster family also has a cat, and Trigger is awfully interested in her so for now the cat is in hiding.  Whether she’ll eventually accept the cat as part of the family remains to be seen. Trigger is a compact and solid (English-style) 73 pounds  and has a thick beautiful coat and is in great health.  Trigger needs to be spayed but this can’t happen until she’s been out of heat for about a month. For more information, contact            

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