Memorial Jersey

JerseyWe had to put Jersey down today 4-14-14. We adopted her at age 12 and she would have been 14 on May 1st, 2014. From the minute she came to us we have had nothing but so much joy with her. She was so well behaved and sweet we instantly fell in love with her. Although we didn’t have a long time with her we loved her so much and we know she loved us back, unconditionally.

I have to admit that she was not only the princess at our house, she was the queen.

We would take her with us whenever we could (which was most of the time) and all we had to do was say “want to go for a ride” and she was at the door before we had our shoes on. We were hoping she would be with us through this summer as she loved to swim in the creek at the park and for an old girl she loved retrieving her toy every time we threw it into the water. Jersey you will be forever missed.


Thanks so much for the experience of loving her
Judy Zuggi and Bob Yocum sr.