We decided to foster Hunter the day after Christmas.  We were missing our first ever foster who was adopted less than a week before so we were ready to welcome a new lab.  We had heard he had some issues with kids in his previous home, so we figured he would stay with us until he found a kid-free home.  Well…within a few days we knew he was staying.  While he did have some minor issues with our son, we worked with a trainer to correct them, and have seen a huge improvement.  Within a few days he was cuddling and playing with our son and will even sleep with him sometimes.  He’s also so good with our mini-dachshund Olivia, he plays very gently with her, which is a must.  Hunter is a sweet, funny, young-at-heart boy who has made us all so happy.  We are the 5th place he’s called home, and we figured there should not be a 6th : )