When someone says I don’t want a old dog, I secretly smile. Moose was surrendered to Brookline when his breeder was done with him. He came to me with bad legs and the biggest loyal heart anyone could ask for.
He follows me from room to room, lays at my feet when I’m working. Greets me with a wagging tail and wiggly body when I come home, even if I have only been gone ten minutes!
Moose is in the kitchen in a heartbeat when he hears the refrigerator open and the first one out the door for a car ride or romp on the beach. If we have a quiet day he will snooze next to me on the couch, a busy day and he will happily chase the soccer ball in the yard or on the beach.
Moose doesn’t chew my shoes, jump on people who come to visit, grab a sandwich from the counter, or make me crazy if he doesn’t get three walks a day like a young Lab might do! He is my best buddy and my loyal companion and with lots of love and good healthy food, he will be around for a long long time.