It all started when it was time for us to fill the hole that was left with Dottie, our sweet chocolate lab who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past summer. Kyle, my husband, asked that we adopt a younger dog. Toby appeared on my Brookline feed!! He was 10 years old and needed a loving home.  I told Kyle that I found a younger dog!! Dottie was 14 years old when we adopted her, so clearly I met his requirements.  Our introduction was a bit rocky since Toby was isolated in a kennel for 10+ days. He was falling over from atrophy in his legs and he was quite frantic and anxious not knowing what was going on.

After a few days of love, good food and daily walks, Toby settled down into a loving and gentle giant.

After a few weeks, Toby has forgotten all about the stress he endured as a senior dog in “transition”. He loves being with his people and makes it a point to tell me every day when I get home from work with his barking until I tell him hello! Toby has become a great friend and protector of our dog Buster and our 3 cats (Linnea, Sam and Smudge).  He is not a big fan of NFL football games because he reacts to the long whistles. He has nicely taken up where Dottie left off by eating any cat vomit. And, because Toby’s legs are so long, he can scratch his chest while standing up. One of his favorite things is to run across the park. Toby has been another Brookline Blessing to our home!!

Brookline has given 4 Labbie blessings to my home and Lou has been with me through 3 of them. Brookline is a stellar organization that provides an excellent level of coaching and proper matching of a dog’s personality to a family’s personality. Lou has been a wonderful advocate for our family and she has helped march us to the right dog.