Daisy #22 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Female 13 Years Old ID #3095

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May 7, 2023

Hello all, hope you have enjoyed the nice cool and sometimes rainy weather, I sure have and my FD as well. He has been putting my Adopt Me vest on, which has kept me mostly dry.

More important people have been taking pictures of me from their cars or stopping to pet me and learn more about me and the rescue, because it’s not all about me being adopted, it’s about all of us fosters finding our furever home.

I have met lots of new dogs in the past few weeks and even walked with a few of them on different occasions. I have been rolling around in front of the dogs or people we have met.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Last weekend I saw a ball left in an alley, FD said to leave it. The next 2 days it was still there and finally on the 3rd day it was on the other side of street in alley and I picked it up quickly without FD seeing me.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

He finally looked down and chuckled, a just reward, FD is always picking up screws and nails why can’t I pick up a ball, or two as I found another two days later.

I now walk with a ball; FD takes it away so I remember to smell and give my jaw a break.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

It has brought Joy to many people to see me carrying my ball. I showed the ball my crate when we got home.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

With all the rainy days we still managed to average 5 miles each walk. I love when FD towels me off, I jump around and make sure the towel dries me good.

Til next time, keep walking and being healthy and happy.

Daisy 🐾

April 29, 2023

April 12, 2023

Hello all, well the weather is beginning to warm, and I am still feeling all the vibrant and energy I did during the cold months. FD and I are still walking 3 miles each evening and 4-5 miles in the mornings he is off from work. We did do 10 miles between the two walks this past Monday, yes 10 miles can you keep up with me. I have also met a few new pups and older dogs this past few weeks. FD said I was a perfect lady, not a single bark or growl from me.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Easter morning, I found an egg that was hidden for FD daughter, FD appreciated my gentleness with it.

Til next time, enjoy life and rest well each night, as I do.

Daisy 🐾

March 24, 2023

Wow it’s been 33 weeks I have been with my foster dad. I am still as energetic and lovable as the 1st day he brought me home. I am doing a lot more on our walks, started marking this week. We are still getting in about 3 miles each time we go out and it’s effortless for me.

So many smells from all the other dogs we see and I love to go into Ivy or other ground cover for smells.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

I have been wearing my adopt me vest at least once a week, especially if it’s sprinkling out.

Daisy 🐾

March 5, 2023

The Daisy Dailychocolate labrador retriever

A Day in the Life of a Joyful & Healthy 13.9 Year Old Girl with Youthful Energy

Good morning! It’s 5:00 AM and I’m ready to start the day with Foster Dad when he wakes up and starts moving around. I’m a happy girl with an upbeat personality, so I greet the morning with excitement and a little bounce in my steps when FD lets me outside to pee.

When I come back into the house, I’m bouncing like Tigger, ready for the 1st half of my breakfast. I dance around a little after I finish eating while I’m waiting for the second half of breakfast. I am really cute! I’m also a good eater, maybe a little too good, so Foster Dad helps me slow down and eat at a healthy pace by dividing my breakfast into two parts.

After breakfast I go outside and take care of my personal needs (you know the ones). When that’s all finished, I come back inside and settle down to play with my tennis balls while FD gets ready for work. I really love tennis balls; they make me so happy!

When I see FD putting his coat on to leave, I walk into my crate and lay down, and then wait for him to come over and say goodbye. After that I settle in for a nice restful day in my crate, depending on FD’s work day.

Needless to say, I’m happy and excited to see FD when he comes home. The first thing I do is go out for a quick pee, and then I bound back into the house for hugs and kisses and rubs. When FD picks up the leash, I begin my dance because I’m excited to go out for our daily walk! We usually walk between 2-4 miles each day. I’m in good physical condition, so walking is easy and fun for me.

I sleep in a little later on FD’s days off from work. After we get up and eat breakfast, we go for a 2–3-mile walk. We like getting out into the sunshine to get some vitamin D, but it’s just as much fun going out on cloudy days. We walk at a good pace, although I enjoy sniffing good smells along the way. When I see other dogs barking and pulling their humans, I stay composed next to FD and stroll on. Every once in a while, I whimper as my way to let FD know that I’m interested in meeting a friendly dog.

Once we’re home from our walk, FD makes me settle down for about 10-15 minutes, and then the dinner dance begins and we have the same feeding 2-part feeding routine at dinner that we do in the morning. After finishing dinner, I head back outside out for a nice pee and poo, and then I relax a little before FD and I play ball or tug, and then we settle in for the evening.

That’s pretty much my daily routine. I have a zest for life, but I love my naps too! I am a very easy dog to care for as long as you would enjoy going out for daily walks with me.

I am a very sweet and loving senior girl who is looking for a sweet and loving human who is compatible with my youthful but relaxed energy. Could it be you?

If you’d like to know more about me, my Foster Dad will gladly answer any questions you have.

Something else to know about me that’s good to know is that Foster Dad has taught me a lot of helpful non-verbal communications using hand pats or claps. For example, I can be curious, so if I’m getting a little too curious and getting into something that’s off limits for me, or if I’m outside and getting too focused on something that I should leave alone, FD claps loudly twice, and I stop whatever I’m doing and follow his command. Sometimes I’m allowed on the furniture and bed. I know it’s okay to do this when FD lets me know with a gentle hand pat.

January 29, 2023

Hello all, what a fun and energetic week I have had. It snowed and I rolled around in it briefly, too quick to have a photo taken.Chocolate Labrador
FD and I went for a 3.5 mile walk in the snow, while snowing, that was a lot of fun, no cold feet here.paw prints in the snow
My FD loves my energy and dancing enthusiasm I am having for my walks. We have added more blocks to our neighborhood walk and now we are going 4 miles once a day.
I know I am going to make a person or family as happy I make my FD. So thankful he is a bridge of love to get me there.
Daisy 🐾

January 23, 2023

Daisy week 25

Hello all, it’s my silver week with my FD and Brookline. My FD posted me on Petfinder available for adoption.

I am showing my personality more, I do my dance when it’s time to walk and I also started grabbing the leash as if I am walking myself.chocolate labrador retriever FD loves my dancing, we have had a few 3 mile walks this week and have met some female dogs (beagle and pit bull) and a male Chihuahua, they are all smaller than me and cute and each showed their personally, while I just stood there.

FD was washing my crate bedding and pet bed cover, so I decided to get up on couch until the wash was done. He just chuckled at me and said I was one sharp lady.

Hopeful my forever home finds me, I know I will make a person or family very happy.

Daisy 🐾

January 17, 2023

Hello all, the new year has been off to a great start, showing my youthfulness more and more. I dance around now before or walk when I see Foster Dad go near the harness/leash. We have been doing 2 mile walks each evening and adding 2.5 miles each Sunday and Wednesday morning.Chocolate Labrador

I don’t huff and puff like a normal lab after our brisk walks, I have got good lungs. Foster Dad said I will be available for adoption in the coming week. I look forward to hearing from a person or family who wants an energetic 13yr and  7mo gal like me.

Daisy 🐾

January 2, 2023

Hello everyone, hope you all had a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year. I sure enjoyed the last few weeks of 2022, good smells and food all around, most of all I had a Ball(s).

I enjoyed snow and a walk in the snow. The cold wind did not bother me, I walked with more vigor.

It sure has been a wonderful 5 months with my Foster Dad and others.

I was able to spend a little Christmas time with Max and Marley at their home, it took a little while for them and me to adjust to one another, I tucked my tail for about 10 minutes and was wagging soon after. All of us waiting for a treat from their mom.chocolate labrador retriever

My Christmas, was definitely a ball.

So blessed am I. I know I will make someone or a family a happy and loving addition.

Daisy 🐾

December 12, 2022

Hello all, another good week for me. I went for a walk on both trash nights and I did very good to stay away from the trash cans. As always, great smells on the walks left by other dogs, cats, and squirrels, yet they will never get a scent from me as I don’t roll around on ground or leave any other markings behind, I just love to walk and leave my business at home.

Watching FD eat and not a single strand of drool, he was impressed.chocolate labrador retrieve

FD told me that I would not be having my surgery, as there has not been any changes in size of the  lump and I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me when he massages me. The vet said we will monitor them for any changes. I get to jump around and play, hooray. I know people were praying and sending good mojo my way and I appreciate it very much and please keep on doing so. Thank you ❤️chocolate labrador retrieve

Daisy 🐾

December 4, 2022

Hello everyone, well it has been a while since I have checked in, things have been going well for me the past 3 weeks.

I enjoy the cold weather walks and seeing all the squirrels that are running around, I stop and stare at them as I know I am not supposed to chase them when on my leash. I do chase them if they are in the backyard.

I enjoy my tennis balls a lot, always keeping them close by and keeping an eye on them at all times. Getting treats in the Kong bone is fun also.

I enjoy my daily massages, and I am good when getting my ears cleaned a few times a week.

My FD has said I am the most jovial lab, when it comes to feeding time. I dance and jump around each time and he is entertained by it. I am still eating from the puzzle dish, which I enjoy very much.

Wow, it’s been an amazing 4 months here with my FD, he has shown me love and I know he loves the affection I show him.

Daisy 🐾

November 12, 2022

Well, is been a pretty chill two weeks, enjoying my walks in this nice weather we have been having. FD says I am really good on my leash, I do like to smell for long periods in one spot. I still have not gone potty on any walk we have been on, save all that for the privacy of my backyard. Enjoy some of my playful photos, I think there is a few of me sleeping.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Daisy 🐾

October 30, 2022

Hello all, what a week. I was scheduled for my ultrasound and surgery Wednesday.chocolate labrador retriever We got to BluePearl, what a nice place, I was a good girl and went right back with the nurse for my ultrasound. The Dr came out and told FD my abdomen looked good, but my lower lymph nodes were slightly enlarged. To be safe they aspirated them and the results came back clear, which made everyone happy. We left without doing the surgery, my FD said we have it rescheduled for next month. We made it home, but I had lost control of my bladder in the car just before we arrived, that anesthesia just does things to you. FD was good to wipe me down before he cleaned the car, he said it wasn’t too bad since he had a seat protector. I rested my woozy self all night. chocolate labrador retrieverThe next morning, I was my sprite self again.

Friday was this thing called trick or treat. I sure wanted some of those treats, lots of scary children came by, I was not fazed by any of them. It was a good night and a fun end to the week.

October 23,2022

Hello all, it’s been a pretty chill few weeks. Been enjoying my massages each morning and afternoon.

chocolate labrador retrieverEvening walks, except on trash nights(I want to get into everything).
chocolate labrador retrieverJust getting ready for my double mastectomy on Wednesday the 26th. My FD and I welcome your thoughts and prayers for the coming weeks.
Daisy .

October 9, 2022

Wow has it been 10 weeks, seems a lot more than that. My FD has been so loving to me. I am still super excited to eat morning and evening as I dance while he gets food ready.chocolate labrador retriever

The shorter walks have been great, so many neighborhood dogs, cats, squirrels mean a lot of smelling.

This has been a big week for me, I have been working up to being free to roam the home while FD is at work. Friday was the big day; I was an angel.chocolate labrador retriever He told me he checked in on me and saw me napping a few different times and then he snapped an up close of me napping when he came home.chocolate labrador retriever

Yes, I am usually napping when he comes home and don’t hear him come in.chocolate labrador retriever

I love when he kisses or massages my head to wake me up.

Saturday, he said when he checked in, I was walking past the camera and my tail hit it, he said he was happy I was walking around.

All week long I slept on his bed, by the footboard. Don’t get me wrong I do love my dog bed and crate also.

I am learning and enjoying more freedoms.


October 4, 2022

Hello all, a pretty chill week, nothing new to report from me. I am just enjoying all the love FD gives and I know he loves what I reciprocate. He did tell me we are going to shift our energies to get ready for my surgery on Wednesday 10-26. Keep at a good healthy weight and slow easy short walks, so my mind and body are ready for what will be for the weeks to follow. We have even changed how we play ball. Happy to be loved this much, that FD is preparing me for what’s to come. 🙏 Daisy

September 25, 2022

Hello all, wow it has been 8 weeks already, I am showing my FD who I am. I have been a little more vocal and definitely more attention seeking, especially because my FD gives such good massages. I get one every morning before he goes to work and one when he gets home, but I try to get 2 to 4 more each night and on his off days. A few nights this week I slept in the bed with him. chocolate labrador retriever I have been sleeping outside the crate at night now. I had a few times this week where I had 1-2 hours outside the crate while FD ran some errands and I did really good, and received a treat when he got home. Thursday, I had a consultation down at Blue Pearl for my Mammary glands and the nodules on them. The Dr was impressed with how healthy and energized I am for 13. He told FD I am a great candidate for doing the double mastectomy in one surgery, and would definitely be less stressful for a lady my age. I know my FD and I were relieved to hear that. FD said the rescue approved the surgery and he just need to schedule it.

I wanted to let you know, I figured out the puzzle dish and enjoy eating from it, FD feeds me enough to be below the puzzle, before adding more. I like that as it helps my food to settle.

We have been going for longer walks as the weather has been much nicer. He says I am a special lab, as I have yet to pee or poop on a walk, I just amaze him. I certainly do go after we get back home and he lets me in the backyard. I just love all the smells when I am walking. Other dogs don’t bother me, I look at them.chocolate labrador retriever

Thank you for reading my blog, I look forward to writing more as my foster journey continues.


September 18, 2022

It was another busy week for my FD and I brought a lot of joy and happiness to him with lots of kisses and hugs.

I enjoyed lots of ball and stuffed animal play throughout the week. We had some nice walks around the neighborhood and the Treat Lady, walked me past the school house, the children were a little loud on the playground and I was not interested and turned her around to go home. Do you remember how much I like squirrels, well I love them now and thankful for the scraps they leave laying around, well at least until FD finds out and takes it from my mouth. I found an oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie in the vine on the fence, dint get to enjoy it for long, FD took out of my mouth and I understood it was not something for me to have. He said I was a good girl for letting him get it out of my mouth.chocolate labrador retriever

He also has told me I have been getting better of sitting away from the table while he eats or when he and his daughter eat. I get a dog treat about 5 minutes after the meal is finished.chocolate labrador retriever

It has been a great week and look forward to the week ahead.

September 10, 2022

FD came home from work with his daughter and I sat next to the table while they ate their lunch. Then we went outside to play ball. Surprise a car ride to take his daughter back home and to meet FD 1st foster Max and his 9th foster Marley who are flunkies and live with the Treat Lady. Max was very curious of me and smelled me a lot, Marley came over smelled quickly, she was more interested in being pet by FD. Max and I went for a walk and met a neighborhood dog Hugger, she was nice and her person was wonderful. After our walk we left to go home and FD went to the drive thru car wash, that was interesting, lots of colors and sounds, I watched out the window and laid down and enjoyed.chocolate labrador retriever

What a great fun filled afternoon. I am tired. Goodnight.chocolate labrador retriever

September 9, 2022

FD had another long day of work, when he got home, we ate dinner and then met his boss for a nice walk around the neighborhood.

I saw some squirrels that peaked my interest and I pulled a little to follow them.

We saw some beagles that were brother and sister, the brother, couldn’t see as he didn’t have eyes, but I could see his nose working and then he started to bark at me. His sister was quiet like me. Boys sure do like to show off their bark. They were cute for being 6yr. We walked for 2 miles; it was fun for all.

September 8, 2022

We slept in a little today and a nice easy start to the day. FD had a few errands throughout the day, we played ball every chance we had in between his errands.

September 7, 2022

I slept in the hallway last night, it was comfy. I did go downstairs before FD woke up. Flea/tic medicine day, hooray a treat and it’s good for me too. A nice relaxing day, treat lady came by and took me for a little walk.

September 6, 2022

An early rainy morning, I love being toweled off, I went outside 3 times, just so I could get toweled off, it’s so relaxing. FD came home from work and lots of kisses. He showered and picked up the towel and I was nudging it for him to towel me too, he said I was silly and didn’t need it.

September 5, 2022

We were up early again; I get so excited on cool mornings. We played ball outside a little before and after breakfast. FD had to work on the holiday for a little while, treat lady stopped by and we had some fun and she fed me, she is amazed at how I devour the food in the puzzle dish. I slept in the hallway outside FD bedroom most of the night, it was nice.

September 4, 2022

FD was up early and we enjoyed some quiet time, he took me for a ride to get gas in the car, then he brought me home so he could go to grocery, he said I am not allowed in there, as I would get into and eat everything. He’s right I would. We had a nice day, I helped him stretch, gave him lots of kisses for his good work.

September 3, 2022

FD had his final early day this week, he said all these people need their bread and rolls for the nice holiday weekend. His daughter came over, she is a nice young lady. They went and found the ice cream truck. They were happy and I was too, as FD gave me a little of his vanilla. Goodnight to a good week.

September 2, 2022

Treat lady came by to see me as FD had another long day. She is so nice we played ball out back and I rolled around. She keeps telling me stories of Max and Marley, says I need to come meet them. FD came home and we had a nice relaxing evening.

September 1, 2022

A very early start to our day, which was very nice, I gave FD lots of kisses, while he was trying to put his shoes on. It’s fun to play with him while he is getting ready. Treat lady stopped by for a lil fun. I decided to use my Bimbo bear as a pillow, so comfy.chocolate labrador retriever

August 31, 2022

Today I went to see Dr Carpenter at Pennridge animal hospital. She is a wonderful vet. I weighed in at 55.6 pounds, that’s only a .10 lb. gain in two weeks, a girl needs to keep her figure. Dr was very pleased with that and agrees that’s a nice weight for me. My lungs and heart look perfect on the X-rays. My bloodwork was really good, big improvements. She told FD to keep doing what he’s doing. She does feel there is 50/50 chance the nodules on my mammary glands go either way, would recommend the double mastectomy, because I am in such good health for 13. It sure is a lovely car ride to and from the vet. We stopped at the park across the street beforehand.chocolate labrador retriever

August 30, 2022

FD had a long day at work, the treat lady stopped by for a little ball play and some yummy treats. FD came home and was laying on floor stretching, I gave him lots of kisses and laid next to him after I showed him my downward dog. He said I do it gracefully and mindfully.

August 29, 2022

FD up early again to help us transition for his schedule later in the week. I don’t mind at all, I love to see him in the morning, lots of kisses and hugs and rubs, plus I can eat anytime there is food (he says I am cuckoo for Cocoa puffs) must be the chocolate lab in me. I do like to dance as he gets my food ready. I took my ball upstairs when FD came home, so I could play ball on the bed.chocolate labrador retriever

August 28, 2022

A nice quiet day of for FD and I. We did however start our day a little earlier than usual, as FD has a goofy work schedule this week. A nice morning walk and then chill the rest of the day.chocolate labrador retriever

August 27, 2022

FD came home from work early, that was very nice, we had a good afternoon of playing ball and tug with a stuffed animal.  Another good week of loving and being loved.

August 26, 2022

Treat lady stopped by today, we played and she gave me some food and treats of course.  Went for a short walk.   FD came home, laid on the floor again, must have had a hard day, I gave him snuggle and kisses.  It was a nice night for a walk.

August 25, 2022

I like helping FD put the me out in the morning before he goes to work, after we went out back, I sure wish I could go to work with him.   A pretty peaceful day.  FD came home and laid on the floor, I gave him snuggles and kisses.  We played ball in the back yard.

August 24, 2022

FD off today, we breakfast this morning and then he put me out front.  A nice short walk around the neighborhood, lots of good new smells after the rain the last few days.

FD went upstairs to lay down and I followed him, jumped on the bed and started rolling around.  I then began to paw up at him as if to shake, but that wasn’t it, I wanted him to scratch my itches on my nose and under my chin. Hooray he figured it out. This afternoon I did the same thing, paw up and he knew right away to scratch my itches.  He is good at finding the right spots.

August 23, 2022

My first full day of peacefulness at home while FD was at work.  It was nice, don’t get me wrong I do love when the Treat lady comes by, but I know that in the real world that doesn’t always happen. When FD arrived home, I met him with exuberance and lots of kisses and I got a few treats as well.   He laid on the floor and I gave him more kisses and we played ball for a while.

His daughter came over and I followed her to her room, she’s one of them teenagers who likes her privacy as she let me sniff around, but was sure to close the door when I left.

August 22, 2022

Woke up to rain today, 1st time in foster home.  I showed FD that it does not bother me and when I shook the rain off, I could hear his amazement, as the water flew off my coat.  Then when we got inside, he toweled me off, oh it felt so good and I let him know with my noises and kisses.   He was very happy with my cooperation.

Treat lady came by which was nice, I got to watch the neighbor children play basketball through the fence.  When FD comes home, I follow him upstairs, love rolling around on the bed.

August 21, 2022

A nice relaxing day, played lots of ball and a nice walk.  Got up in the recliner again when FD laid on sofa.

August 20, 2022

FD off to work bright an early again, this middle of the night schedule has to be tough on him, yet you would never notice, he just loves on me so much. We played for about an hour before he left 3:30 AM. Treat lady came by at 5:30 AM and this is how she found me.

She knelt down and opened the crate and I gave her kisses. She came to feed me and play a little. So nice of her. FD came home and I followed him upstairs to roll on his bed again. It is so much fun to kick the pillows and blanket.chocolate labrador retriever

Ps no side effects from my medicine that I am taking for Lyme. FD is very happy and so am I.

August 19, 2022

FD went into work really early again; I got up and stretched a little and then back to sleep. Treat lady came by a few hours later and feed me breakfast and played tug and ball with me. I barked at her for hiding the ball, instead of tossing it. FD came home from work and we played ball in the backyard.

August 18, 2022

FD came home from work and I went upstairs with him and started rolling on the bed again, this sure is a fun place to roll, I am happy I found this yesterday.

August 17, 2022

FD was chasing me around the yard this morning with a plastic tray. Gross, he wants my urine, oh he said it’s for the vet. Then we went upstairs and he stood on something and then he picked me up and stood on it. He was happy and said the I gained 13lbs since he got me and I am 55.5lbs now.

He went to the vet to drop off my sample and pick up my new meds and tell them my weight. He came home and we played and played all afternoon. I rolled around on his bed, when he woke up from his nap, it was fun

August 16, 2022

Today started and went pretty normal, then FD had an old neighbor stop by to meet me. She was very nice and I showed her how I play ball and we went for a walk. While FD was walking her out, I decided to get into the trash, I found a loaf of bread, yummy, when foster dad came back in, I could tell he was concerned, apparently that loaf had some mold on it. Then FD got a phone call about me, apparently, I need some mediocre from my previous checkup. FD gave me something to try and make me vomit the bread up. He said I must have an iron stomach. He slept downstairs with me and all went well.

August 14, 2022

Sunday: it’s been nice to have FD home all day. He made a banana bread, I love bananas. He laid on the couch for a nap and decided to climb up in his recliner, it sure is comfy.

He was so happy to see it.

August 13, 2022

Treat lady came by mid-morning to let me play and a mid-day meal, yes, she has been giving me mid-day meals all week, I need to bulk up a little.chocolate labrador retriever mix My fur is growing in nicely she said. She loves my energy; she told me she foster flunked twice (Max her 1st and Marley her 9th) I know she would flunk on me too if I was there.

FD home around 3:30PM, he said he is glad that the long week is over. We laid on the floor and he gave me a new Bimbo bear for a toy (these are very rare).

We played with it and took a few selfies;

I snuck in some kisses.chocolate labrador retriever mix

August 12, 2022

Good Morning, a nice start to the day. FD was in the kitchen getting ready to leave for work and I barked at him to come see me for more kisses before he left. It was the 1st time he heard me bark. He was so happy. Lots of hugs and kisses and off he went. Treat lady came by to play and take me for a walk. FD home around 5:30PM, he needs more kisses and hugs. After dinner we went for a short walk, lots of good smells from the neighborhood pups and cats and squirrels.

August 11, 2022

A normal start today, Treat lady came by to let me out and play. FD home at 5:30PM from work, kisses and hugs. We laid on the floor watching the Field of Dreams baseball game. A nice relaxing evening, FD needed it.

August 10, 2022

FD has to work on his day off, a busy week for him. We played tug and ball for a good 45 minutes before he left. I rested peacefully till he got home at 2:00PM, kisses. FD had to go back to work at 3:30PM, he said the treat lady would be by to feed me and pick up her daughter. She took me for a short walk around the neighborhood and then I had dinner. FD home around 9:00PM, what a long day for him, I could smell. Lots of kisses and hugs. We played for an hour and then it was bed time.

August 9, 2022

FD up at 5:30 AM, kisses then breakfast and a short jaunt around the block, to stretch a little. Treat lady came by mid-morning to let me out and of course treats, can never get enough of them. FD home 3:30PM, hugs and kisses. Let’s play. His daughter came over, she sure likes her bedroom, I do as well, I lay on her rug when she is not here and FD is upstairs. I was giving her my ball to play fetch in the living room. She’s a nice person.

August 8, 2022

FD was up at 1:45AM to go to work, we played ball a little before he left, he came back home at 5:45AM to feed me and let me out, I gave him lots of kisses and we played tug and ball. At 11:00AM the other foster person came over and I let her know I was here, as I barked at her, dad has not heard me bark yet, but she did. We played and she gave me lots of treats, I am going to call her the treat lady from now on. Dad got home around 3:15PM, he smelled like he had a tough day. I gave him lots of kisses and we played ball, I made some good catches he said.chocolate labrador retriever mix

August 7, 2022

Good slow start to the day.

Foster dad went to grocery, I was so excited to see him when he got back I gave him, more kisses.

I love my tennis balls and playing keep away from dad, teasing him and turning away and then finally dropping for him to toss.

A little mischievous I was while dad was upstairs, who doesn’t like a little Maiers Italian bread. He said I was going to ruin my dinner by having this snack.

August 6, 2022

Good morning kisses for dad.  I am still quick at this puzzle he says.  A little tug of war before dad goes to work, he said he has a busy day today.  The foster parent came by again to let me out and play, so nice of her, she says she can’t wait for me to meet Max and Marley and the previous foster Annie who is coming to visit her for a week.   Dad came home, he smells like he had a busy day, kisses and jump up in his lap, that will make it all better.   Oh, I got mail, let’s open it.chocolate labrador retriever mix  Yeah toys, tennis balls, treats, thank you Brookline.   This tennis ball is fun, too much fun, nap time. chocolate labrador retriever mix

It’s been a great 4 days to start my journey.  I love my foster dad, I know he loves me, he said he is my bridge of love to my forever home.  chocolate labrador retriever mix

❤️👅👅 Daisy

August 5, 2022

Big stretch, dad opens the crate and I go out to potty and then breakfast, oh no, the blue puzzle dish, only slowed me down a little, I will learn this puzzle.

Back in my crate while dad goes to work.  The foster parent came to check on me after 4 hours, how nice of her to let me out to potty and playtime.  Back in until dad gets home, dad is home early, kisses. He loves kisses, he tells me we don’t have a lot of time, we have a vet appointment, car ride awesome.

This is a nice vet office, I like the scale, 46.8 pounds, yes, I am gaining weight, I heard them say that at the SPCA, I needed to gain weight, off to a good start.  The technician is a nice man and the Dr, is sitting on the floor, reading my papers, I am gonna give her kisses too.  She checks me over, very happy with my weight gain, fur growing back, nice teeth and gums, ears look good.  My mammary has some masses and need further exam. chocolate labrador retriever mix

The doctor is very happy with me.  Long drive home, lots of cars.   Puzzle dish time, still quick to try and solve it.

A little tug of war before bed time.

August 4, 2022

Big stretches to get up, potty time.

Breakfast, quickly made sure to clean my dish.  Out for a stroll around the block.  Time to be a little mischievous while my foster dad is at work, yummy nuts and coconut clusters, bread, potatoes (nope don’t like potatoes) Oops a few accidents in the house.  A fellow foster parent came by to check on me and clean up my messes.  She is nice, I heard her on the phone telling my foster dad what I did.  Dad came home a few hours later and I had tried to get into a few more things before then.  He came in and knelt down and opened those arms again, I went up and gave him kisses, I know he loves kisses.  All seems good, dinner and then an hour later a car ride, here’s that foster parent again, she’s walking me around her yard, lots of smells from her foster flunkies (Max and Marley) I didn’t meet them yet, but now I know their smells.  Dad has picked up a crate and a bed for me. Back home, Dad sets up the crate and puts that comfy blanket in there, I go in and lay down with the door open for 30-minute nap. Bedtime, I go into my crate and sleep all night. chocolate labrador retriever mix

August 3, 2022

Daisey is a pettie 44.2 pound  13-year-old chocolate lab mix

When I came out, my new foster dad opened his arms, I went over and gave gentle kisses.  Ready to leave, I climbed nicely into car and looked out window a few miles and then laid down for ride home.chocolate labrador retriever mix At home I  gave the yard a good smell, then went inside and explored the downstairs and then the upstairs, yep, no hitch in this gals’ steps. chocolate labrador retriever mixI enjoyed some water and then found a blanket to lay on for a long peaceful 4-hour nap. Food, I love food, quickly made sure to clean my dish (oops a little too quickly, I hear I need a new dish called a puzzle) wonder what that will be like.  A few hours later we went for a walk around the block, I hear I am excellent on the leash, a few smells and back home. Bedtime, he’s gonna sleep on the couch, while I am on my blanket.  We slept a good 9 hours.


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