Duke #21 Black Labrador Retriever Male 4 Months Old ID#3085

black labrador retriever

Meet Duke.  This handsome, sweet, almost 4 month old pup came to Brookline’s attention after he was surrendered by his family to a local shelter.  Apparently he fell from a high enough distance that he broke his elbow, and a surgical repair was something they could not afford, so Brookline sprung him from the shelter and got him scheduled for surgery on January 3.  While the repair was a bit more complicated than the surgeon anticipated, he still thinks Duke will make a great recovery but he needs to take it easy (no jumping or slipping or running) for 6 weeks for this guy.  Wish him and his fosters the best of luck as they navigate this time period.  Luckily Duke is an excellent snuggler.

Read his blog from the bottom up!

January 21, 2023

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 weeks since Duke arrived to stay with us. He is doing great!  He had his follow up visit with the surgeon who is very happy with his progress. Black Labrador RetrieverHe is able to go on walks now which he LOVES and he does well on a leash.  He has met our goats and chickens and they are becoming fast friends.Black Labrador RetrieverHe has grown so much in these few weeks and is such a smart pup, he  knows to sit and lay down and is getting better at stay and rings the bells when he wants to go potty.

January 12, 2023

Duke continues to wonderfully post surgery!  He is now permitted to do short 2-3 min leashed walks several times per day. He is definitely becoming more active.Black Labrador RetrieverHe goes to the door to be let out.. this is very exciting. He doesn’t bark or use the bells on the door but isn’t having any accidents.  We still get up at around 2:30 am to potty but we are proud of him for asking to go out.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverToday, we went to the vet for his well puppy check.  He is 35 pounds and he was a huge hit and got loads of love.  The doctor thought his incision looked great too. He got his booster and his rabies vaccine also.Black Labrador Retriever

January 7, 2023

Duke continues to improve daily.  He is walking much better and we are working on a few basic commands.  He is a great listener!Black Labrador RetrieverNext week he can start doing short, 3 minute walks on the driveway and we think he will enjoy that.  He has a favorite blanket and may even share it with you if you can convince him. We are so impressed with his potty training!Black Labrador Retriever


January 4, 2023

Duke had a great first night at our house last night.  Undoubtedly due to the love and care provided by his temporary foster and her husband for his first few nights.  His pain is well controlled and we will continue to stay in touch with the surgeon virtually.  Black Labrador RetrieverWe are thrilled to have him!   He loves to cuddle and is doing really well when it comes to potty training all things considered!Black Labrador Retriever

January 3, 2023

Duke and his foster mom got up really early today to get him to his surgery appointment. It was a bittersweet trip as she knew she wouldn’t be picking him up (his regular foster was picking him up) but she and foster dad were so glad to meet him and to help him on his journey to being a healthy dog who can run and play.  He was such a good boy and slept the whole way.black Labrador retriever

January 1, 2023

Duke is settling right into his temporary foster home without a hitch.  He is doing well with the resident dogs and is good about being in the crate when he can’t be supervised.  He is an excellent snuggler and we’ve enjoyed accommodating him!  He’s getting around fairly well with his cast, but he only has a few more days of it.black Labrador retrieverblack Labrador retrieverblack Labrador retriever

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