Mountie Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Years Old ID#3414

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMountie is a handsome 3 year old fox red English lab.  His dad passed away and his mother was having a hard time coping, so she moved to live with her sister and couldn’t take Mountie. Mountie’s human brother has kept him in a kennel at a veterinarian’s office in which he lives above. He was not able to keep Mountie as he lives in a small apartment. Brookline was contacted to help re-home Mountie. Please read Mountie’s blog from the bottom up to learn more about him.

May 14, 2024

Day 4 in my foster home.  My FM went to the office today for work. I was sad she left but knew my FD was here so I decided to make myself comfortable in a chair while I waited for him to wake up. He took a picture of me looking quite handsome, if I say so myself… but then he told me I had to “get down”. Yellow Labrador MixI listened, like the good boy I am.  After FD went to his home office, I snuck up on the chair again and my foster sister caught me the 2nd time.Yellow Labrador MixShe reminded me I have my own bed to lay on in every room of the house so I got down once again.  I noticed my foster family put a sheet over the chair so I guess they figure I’ll be sneaking up there once more! :0) glad they are getting to know me.

Everything is still so new but I will continue to try to be a good boy as I try to understand what the rules are in my new foster home.  It’s hard moving into a new place with new rules, especially when I can’t remember them all yet!

May 13, 2024

Today is my 3rd day (2nd night) with my new foster family. I’m adjusting to the older cat in the family so my foster parents decided I could sleep in their room on a nice soft dog bed on the floor. FM says I did great!  I went to sleep around 10:00 pm and did not move until she got up around 6:30 am.  I could have kept sleeping but when she moves, I follow.  I continue to be a good boy and do my business outside, no accidents for me! I went for another walk today and passed a bunny rabbit without so much as a quick glance his way. When we got home from the walk I was ready to play a quick game of fetch. My foster brother Joey was interested in chasing the ball with me.

I’m learning the ropes and settling into a nice routine.

I had a bath before I came to live with my foster family but my FM said I still didn’t smell very good so I had another bath at a lovely salon.  The folks there said I didn’t like having my feet touched so they left them alone. (my nails were recently cut so all is good there) Other than that I got great praise for being patient with my bath. After my bath, my FM gave me a shiny new collar; if you ask me, I look quite handsome in the bright green collar!Yellow Labrador RetrieverFM thinks the only thing I’m having a little trouble with is when someone leaves through the front door. I run over to make sure they are not leaving without me, but sometimes they do. Luckily I have other humans in the house to hang with when another leaves. I really like being around my humans and get attached to them very quickly.Yellow Labrador RetrieverWell, I think that is it for today. Until tomorrow!

May 12, 2024

FM picked me up yesterday and she says I was a good boy on the ride home and was content to took out the windows quietly. Upon arrival to my new home, I met 3 resident dogs. I was well mannered and greeted each calmly. I also met the humans in the house and was timid but I wanted to be petted so I walked up to them for some pets. I was a good boy and did not jump on the humans.Yellow Labrador RetrieverI also met 3 resident cats. I’ve never been around cats before so I growled, barked, and wagged my tail nervously.  FM said “leave it” and called me for a treat – the treat was way more interesting than the cats so I listened. FM is keeping a close eye on me when the cats come around. Time will tell if I decide to be accepting of these strange things called cats!

Back to my dog friends in the house; each has a different personality so I am trying to learn social graces like not getting in their faces with my face. I do need to be reminded from time to time but FM believes I will get there.Yellow Labrador RetrieverMy foster siblings like to bark at noises and sometimes humans.  FM says I’m a good boy and do not join in; I’m quietly curious.

FM took me on a walk with one of my foster brothers and I walked very nicely with a harness. Absolutely no pulling!Yellow Labrador RetrieverI sit and take treats very gently when asked. I also seem to know the command “down” but sometimes need to be lured down with a treat.

My 1st night I let my new foster family know that I do not like being in a crate and want to be close to my humans. When I was allowed out of my crate, I stopped howling and laid nicely on a dog bed. There was a baby gate on my foster parent’s bedroom door so I would not bother the cat in the middle of the night (the cat sleeps in their bedroom); so I slept on the dog bed a few steps below the bedroom. Once out of my crate, I settled for the night and slept for 8 hours. I was a great house guest. I did not chew anything and I waited for everyone to wake up to do my business outside. FM says I’ll be fine in the house and will not need to go in the crate anymore.Yellow Labrador RetrieverA few notes from my foster mom: Mountie has allergies and is missing patches of hair. We are hoping to get a vet appointment soon to find out about cost for allergy testing.

He is a Velcro dog and wants to be near his human family. He follows me around the house and is happy to lay close. He does snore though. :0) He met a few neighbors and one dog on our walk and very politely greeted all. He did not seem interested in chasing any squirls or other creatures we encounter. He does not seem to know how to play with dogs his own size but hopefully that will come in time.

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