Yukon Black Labrador Retriever Male 7 Years Old ID#3329

Black Labrador RetrieverYukon is a 7 year old neutered black labrador who ended up at the Humane Society when he was surrendered by his previous owner.  He is very affectionate, friendly and well mannered dog.  Please read his blog from the bottom up to learn more about this handsome boy while in his foster home.

September 5, 2023

HI! It’s Yukon!!Black Labrador RetrieverI am still doing good! My hair is coming back on my stomach, sides and back legs (most noticeably).  My FM switched my food to grain free-fish based and she thinks it’s helping.Black Labrador RetrieverBlack Labrador RetrieverI have been meeting new people like my FM and FD mom’s and I really really like the ladies. I do a great job meeting new people. I am pretty happy and I don’t jump.

This summer I caught a toad in the backyard and it made my mouth foam! My FM had to clean my mouth out. My FM says she notices a difference in me when I am outside. I really love being outside!

July 31, 2023

Hi everyone! I’m still doing good! My hair continues to grow back.

I wanted to introduce you to my cupcake toy. I carry it everywhere! Even on walks. It’s my favorite!

I also wanted you to meet my Foster brothers’ girlfriend. She said I was the first dog that has ever climbed up on her lap. She also said she loves me! Black Labrador Retriever

July 13, 2023

Yukon is ready for a forever home!

He is a gem of a Lab and any family would be blessed to have him. Yukon likes kids and adults.

He is an affectionate, playful, people-oriented, inquisitive Lab.  He loves to spend time with his people playing catch and getting pets. Yukon would do best in a quiet, stable environment with consistent daily exercise routine.

He does fairly well on leash and is house/crate trained. Yukon would enjoy a fenced in yard but does not require one. Yukon will chase cats and other small animals – no cats/other animals, please.

He loves people and does prefer human company to canine.  The more cuddles and belly rubs the better.  He’d love his person to be home more often than not, or who can arrange for a dog walker or visitor to come spend time with to break up a long day if he’s home alone.

July 10, 2023

HI everyone! I had a good week with my foster family. It was July 4th holiday and I wasn’t afraid of the fireworks at all!Black Labrador RetrieverI got to meet another dog too. Her name is Maisy and she is a smaller mixed dog. I didn’t like her in the house. I ignored her for a while and then I picked up my toy and growled at her. She was here for about 2 hours and I was glad to see her go. The whole time she was here I was very nervous, panting and pacing.

My FD can see that my true personality is coming through and I am relaxing more with the family. He is seeing me a lot more playful and happy.

July 3, 2023

Hi Guys! It’s been a great week! My FD had his friends from out of town in and I cuddled with everyone! They gave me a lot of attention and I soaked it in. They all said I am a great dog! I am loving laying in my FM/FD bed! 🙂 I am bringing all toys with me wherever I go! Especially on my walks!

My hair keeps growing; esp around my sides and towards my back. I am getting more nervous when my FM gives me my ear medications. I grab my toys and walk away and hide! She tries giving me treats to help me. I was able to chase some balls in the back yard and I came back every time without needing to be called. I really love chasing balls!  My Foster family is working with me on not begging at the table. I did good this week when they were eating dinner…everyone ignored me even though it’s hard because I’m so sweet.. and I just laid down and stopped begging. 🙂

June 25, 2023

Hi Everyone!

It’s week 2 in my foster home. I’m settling in really nicely. I went to the dermatologist on Tuesday and I have some mild yeast and bacteria in my ears, armpits and paws. The doctor thinks my hair loss could be environmental or hormonal, but since he also noticed new hair growth he thinks we should wait a while before trying a hypo allergenic diet or allergy testing. My hair has grown even since my visit last Tuesday! I am to take medicated baths once a week and have some meds for my ears to clear up. I did NOT like the car ride to/from the vet! I was not sure if my FM was going to take me back to the pound or not, but I was crying and shaking. Oh, the vet said I have bright eyes, I’m very social and I’m a great dog!Black Labrador RetrieverAfter my vet visit, I came home and slept a lot that day 🙂 I have been loving laying on my FM and FD bed. I think it’s mine. I am still a good boy with my crate, but their bed is really better. Something funny about me this week is that when I wake up in the mornings and go for my walks, I HAVE to take my stuffed cupcake squeaky toy with me. I carry it in my mouth even when I’m going to the bathroom. My FM thinks I’m hilarious!Black Labrador RetrieverI still follow her everywhere. I like to sit out on the porch with her too. She thinks I am the most attuned lab she has met. She had an elbow surgery this week and when she came home, I laid my head on her and slept while she was recovering. I licked her wrist to let her know I want her boo boo to heal. She thinks I’m a true lover of a guy! Black Labrador Retriever

June 19, 2023

Hey Everyone! I am super excited to let everyone know that my hair is growing in! My FM is giving me an egg a day with some Omegas and probiotics. I go to the Dermatologist on Tuesday and FM is looking forward to helping me more! I am a little itchy sometimes too, so FM is wondering if some allergies might be at play. But, all in all, I’m trending in a great direction!

I have been in my foster home for over a week now and I am settling into my routine. I am really great boy when it comes to being in a crate. I go in easily and I can stay in and stay quiet even if my FM and FD are in a room near me doing something. I don’t bark or fuss in my crate at all! In the mornings, my FM takes me for a walk and then feeds me and then I like to play with the new toys I got. I then follow my FM around and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere alone in the house! 🙂 If she sits down to read, sometimes I like to get up on her lap and lean in to her. I like to get into my FD lap too! Actually, I will lay in anyone’s lap! My foster brothers and sister too!Black Labrador RetrieverThis week a few neighbors came by unexpectedly and I was so well behaved. The neighbors remarked at what a good dog I am. I didn’t jump, I didn’t bark. My FM can tell I want to really run and play fetch and so she thought it was a good idea to take me to the dog park. Well, I didn’t like getting in the car. I was really nervous in the car and when we got to the park, I just walked around the edges and smelled things. I wasn’t interested in my ball at all. There weren’t any dogs there, so no one to really talk with either. My FM got me back in the car and thankfully she brought me back to my foster home, where I took no time to settle back down.

My FM said my personality can best be described by the 90s R&B song by Ralph Tresvant, called, “Sensitivity” . It’s about a man who is warm, affectionate, sensitive, giving, stable and loving. That’s me! My FM and FD think I’m a real catch of a dog! They say I’m very easy to have in the house; even with 5 kids in it! (9-21yrs).


June 11, 2023

Hi there! Day 3 with my FM and FD. I got to meet my foster brother today! He really likes me. He played ball with me and I was so happy!Black Labrador RetrieverI took a nap with my FM and FD on the couch today. Did I mention yet that I like to cuddle? We took a walk this morning and my FD is teaching me to not zig zag when I walk. They say I’m a 7 out of 10 for walking on leash.  I sit before my meals…I’m a good boy!

FM is still giving me some probiotics and Omegas in my dinner.

June 10, 2023

Hey Everyone! It’s day 2 with my FM and FD. I am a good boy in my crate and love to play catch. I’m really good at dropping the ball without a command. My FM noticed that I am licking and nibbling on my paws. She also noticed I don’t like them touched or held. However, I am very, very affectionate!Black Labrador RetrieverMy FM and FD were hugging in the kitchen and I pushed myself right in-between them so they wouldn’t leave me out! No hugging and kissing without me! I want to be apart of all the love! I follow my FM wherever she goes.Black Labrador RetrieverWe are heading out for a walk soon! Oh and yesterday when I saw another dog on my walk who wanted to play, I barked at her. FM wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

June 9, 2023

Good morning ! My name is Yukon and I have been with my foster Mom and Dad for almost 24 hours now. Black Labrador Retriever I was super nervous yesterday when my FM picked me up. I cried a little bit when we left, but was able to relax on the way home. When we got here, my FM took me for a walk and it was so exciting to smell everything and find a creek to splash in! Then I had to get a bath. I was a really good boy when I came into the house; I didn’t mark it at all! My FM played fetch with me and I showed her how I can bring the ball back and drop it at her feet without prompting. I also showed her how well I sit for a treat and my food. I took a long, quiet nap and my FM noticed how much I was twitching. She thinks it’s just my body settling into a peaceful and quiet space.Black Labrador RetrieverI had a great dinner last night! My FM put some things in my food to help my hair loss and skin issues while I am waiting for a dermatologist visit. She gave me some probiotics, manuka honey and some Omegas. This morning she put an egg in my food! Last night I was so tired. I layed on my FM lap on the couch and then put myself in my crate at 9pm. My FM and FD were really impressed!Black Labrador RetrieverI was quiet all night and was so happy to see my FM this morning. I love following her around the house and sitting at her feet. I have been really good for her. She thinks I’m super affectionate and she can tell I really love lots of touch and rubs!

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