Memorial Daisey

daisy+9daisy+7Our dear Daisy came to us from Brookline about 4 years ago. When she first arrived and we told our oldest son that we were fostering her he laughed and said she had her forever home. His reasoning was that no one would ever adopt a blind dog with hip dysplasia. Also at an estimated 10 years of age we better hurry to find an adoptive family considering her advanced age. His expectations were obviously low for Daisy. As time when on we all learned a great life lesson from Daisy. Her zest for life and just being a dog was never diminished by the maladies that she suffered.

When dinner was being served for our 3 resident labs she was at her dish in a flash. She was gentle with her human pack but defended her turf with the other labs.

daisy+6daisy+4She couldn’t run outside so she would lie on her side and run in the kitchen. She did that mostly when she was really happy.

She played with her toys and could sort through the toy basket for her favorite chew. Her favorite time was when FM and FD were watching TV especially the Phillies. She would wander into the room and sniff out both FM and FD for a pat on the head. She would then hoist herself up with great effort to lay her head in a lap.

A snap of the leash buckle and she would jump up for a walk with her FM. When she was walking outside
daisy+3daisy+2there was no short changing her. She knew the route she wanted to take and if you tried to go in before she was ready she would put on the brakes until you finished the walk she thought was appropriate.

Daisy loved the beach. Each summer we went to her favorite dog beach. She would get out of the car (in a
different place each time) and drag FM or FD to the water, somehow a familiar path to her. Each year we would say we hoped she would last until the next visit because she loved it so much. She did last for 4 years and enjoyed each trip.

So you see that what we learned is that no matter what troubles life has dealt you it is indeed the life you
daisy+1lead that is important. Daisy was not concerned about her disabilities she was only concerned about the people she loved and lived the life she had with enthusiasm.

She just wanted to be a dog and she was one of the best.