Brookline was started in 1997 with a single volunteer saving a single Lab. We now have about 100 volunteers and we place an average of 100 Labs each year in their forever homes. Please take a look at our dogs that are available for adoption and hopefully one will be a perfect match. Since Brookline is 100% volunteer, we also encourage you to donate any way you can. Find out how you can get involved with Brookline. We also pride ourselves on being a source for everything pertaining to raising Labradors. Check out our resource section for more information.

2017 Annual Appeal Campaign

Brewster wouldn’t live past two years without liver surgery…


Dear Friend of Brookline, I was the runt of the litter. At 14 weeks, I was half the size of my litter-mates. My name is Brewster and I was born with a birth defect called a liver shunt. This means I wasn’t using my liver at all and toxins weren’t being filtered from my blood. My breeder surrendered me to Brookline because he couldn’t afford the special surgery I needed. Without it, I wouldn’t make it past two years old. Thank goodness the rescue took great care of me and saved my life….. Click here to read about how you can help dogs like Brewster.