Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do Brookline’s Labs come from?

    Brookline’s Labs come either from foster homes where they have been placed after having been rescued from a shelter, puppy mill or an owner who has had to give up their Lab or directly from people’s homes who cannot keep them due to a change in their circumstances.

  • How long will it take to schedule my home visit?

    It can take up to four weeks depending on which coverage area you reside in and the volunteer’s schedule.  We ask that you be patient as we are an all-volunteer organization and are limited to scheduling home visits as our volunteers’ schedules permit.

  • Does Brookline require that all its adoptive homes have special equipment (crates, fenced yards, large properties, etc)?

    No, we do not generally require these things.  However, we sometimes require that a certain Lab be placed only in a certain situation; for example, in a fenced yard, without young children, etc.

  • What about “doggie doors”?

    If you have a “doggie door” with access directly to the outside, we require that you agree not to let the dog use it (that it be locked) at times when you are not at home to supervise the dog in the yard.

  • What if we decide that the Lab we took home from the introduction isn’t going to work out?

    We ask you to keep the Lab for the full two week pre-adoptive period to give both you and the Lab time to get to know each other. The change in environment is stressful for a Lab, and the Lab requires this period of time to adjust to his/her new environment and your family’s routine. Giving the Lab less than two weeks is not fair to the Lab or to any of those involved in the adoption process. Your Brookline volunteer is available to work with you on any issues which you may be experiencing and to provide suggestions to resolve those issues.  If at the end of that time, the Lab still doesn’t seem to be the right Lab for your home, he or she will be returned to his or her owner or foster home.

  • What happens if we have to give up the dog five years from now?

    You may not abandon, give away, sell or otherwise transfer ownership of your Lab.   If for any reason you are unable to keep your Lab, you are required to contact Brookline so that we may help you in finding your Lab a new home.

  • Does Brookline help place Lab mixes, as well as Labrador Retrievers?

    Yes, as long as they look like Labs.

  • What if I have my heart set on a specific kind of Lab that Brookline doesn’t have right now?

    There are new Labs coming into our program all the time.  As long as you are willing to wait, the right Lab may be right around the corner! We encourage families to submit an application as soon as possible so that when the right Lab does come along, you’re already approved to adopt through Brookline.

  • If the dog is up to date on its shots when I get it, why do I have to take it to the Vet?

    We require that you take the dog to your own vet to get a baseline read of the dog’s health and general well being. This will be informative for you and very helpful for your vet who will be treating the dog later on when the adoption becomes final.

  • How does Brookline define its ages – Baby, Young, Adult and Senior?

    Puppy:  0 – 6 months 
    Young:  6 – 24 months (2 years)
    Adult:  2 – 8  years
    Senior:  >  8  years

  • What shots will the dog have had before we adopt him or her?

    All dogs being adopted will be up to date on their rabies vaccination and DHLPP or other combination distemper vaccination recommended by the current veterinarian.  Foster dogs also will have likely been vaccinated for Bordetella. The dog will either be on a heartworm preventive or have tested negative for heartworm within 30 days prior to the dog’s introduction to you.  Brookline considers vaccinations for Lyme disease to be optional at this time and does not require dogs being re-homed directly by an owner to have been vaccinated for Bordetella.  We do recommend that adopting families discuss all vaccinations with their veterinarian at the time of the Lab’s baseline physical.

Please also check out our Resources page for more information.