Adoption Policies & Fees


The Dog Will Be a Part of Your Family.

The dog must live and sleep inside your home. We do not adopt Labs to families who want an “outside” dog. You will treat the dog as a pet, companion and family member and will provide the dog with free run of your home, fresh water, wholesome dog food, adequate outdoor exercise, affection, and a clean area for elimination.

The Safety and Care of the Dog

The dog will wear a Brookline issued tag and a tag with your personal contact information. (A tattoo or microchip can serve as additional identification but does not take the place of the physical tags). You understand that your new dog will need time to adjust to his new living environment/family and you agree to limit his or her exposure to new people/places/animals for a minimum of 3-5 days. A chain (choke) or pinch (cleat) collar that has been fitted by a trainer is permitted for training purposes or to walk the dog, but may not be left on the dog otherwise. You may not use shock or other electronic training collars (other than an invisible fence collar). You agree to walk the dog on a leash and never allow the dog to roam free unless you are supervising the dog within a fenced area or an area containing an underground containment system (i.e., invisible fence) to which the dog has been properly trained. The dog will not be left outside or provided access to a doggie door when no one is home. The dog will not be chained, kenneled, or otherwise confined for extended periods of time and may only be tied out for short periods of time when someone is home. You will never use the dog for fighting and will never beat or taunt the dog. The dog will never be allowed to ride in the open back of a pickup truck under any circumstances, including being loose, tied, caged, or kenneled. The dog will not be left in a parked vehicle during the heat of the summer or during cold winter weather.


All dogs adopted through Brookline must be spayed or neutered unless a Veterinarian determines that the dog cannot be sterilized due to health reasons. If the dog has not been sterilized prior to adoption, you will agree to have the dog sterilized, at your expense,  within 60 days of adoption. This deadline can be extended only if we receive a written statement from your Veterinarian explaining why an extension is required and advising when the sterilization will be done.

When adopting an unsterilized dog, you will pay the normal adoption fee. However, to help with the expense of the spay/neuter surgery, we will refund a certain portion of your adoption fee upon receiving a spay/neuter certificate from your Veterinarian or a signed statement from your Veterinarian that the dog has been spayed/neutered.

Vet Visits

The adopting family is required to take the dog to a Veterinarian for a routine (baseline) checkup during the two week pre-adoptive period. The cost of this baseline visit, plus up to $200 for any additional Veterinarian charges, is at the expense of the adopting family since it is your intent to adopt the dog. The adopting family must provide Brookline with a copy of the receipt for this visit prior to adoption finalization. You will agree to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at least yearly and to seek prompt veterinary care in case of illness or injury. You will agree to keep all required vaccinations current, including, but not limited to, rabies and distemper. You will agree to keep the dog on heartworm preventive medication, as recommended by your veterinarian. You will consent to our inquiring with your veterinarian about the dog after the adoption.

Obedience Training

Within two weeks of signing the Adoption Agreement, you agree to enroll the dog in an obedience class, attend training on the date that class begins, and complete the entire course. You will agree to provide Brookline with a copy of a certificate of completion within 10 days after completing the class. With the pre-approval of your Brookline volunteer, you may attend a minimum of three private lessons in place of the obedience class.

If You Cannot Keep Your Dog

You may not abandon, give away, sell or otherwise transfer ownership of your dog. If for any reason you cannot, or if you choose to no longer, keep the dog, you must contact Brookline so that we can arrange another adoption. If you are unable to keep your dog until we have found another adopting family, you must give us a minimum of 14 days’ notice to make suitable arrangements, and you will be responsible for transporting the dog to us.


Brookline is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded solely through donations and fundraising events in which our volunteers participate. The adoption donations we collect only partially fund the work that we do taking in Labs in need of new homes, providing them with needed veterinary care, and fostering them until they’ve been adopted.

Adoptive Family Fees

Adoption Deposit – $50.00
Paid at Intro. This money is applied toward final adoption fee.
Adoption Fee – Varies Paid at finalization. Amount due is the total adoption fee less the adoption deposit paid at the Intro.
Returned Check Fee – $25.00
Fee for returned (bounced) checks

Adoption Fees

Puppies Up to 6 months: $425.00
7 months up to 8 years: $325.00
8 years and over: $225.00
Spay/Neuter Discount –  For any dog that is not spayed/neutered when adopted, the adopter will receive a partial refund of their adoption fee when proof of the spay/neuter surgery is provided to Brookline.
Multi-Dog Discount – For anyone who adopts a bonded pair, a $50 discount per dog will be given on the corresponding adoption fee noted above.