Are you considering finding your Lab a new home? Whether it’s because you can’t control him/her, or weary of some of your Lab’s less than endearing behaviors, you aren’t alone. We hear stories with these elements all the time, often from people who would like to keep their dogs but don’t know what to do to make their situations better. Here’s some advice for those of you who aren’t sure that giving up your Lab is something you are ready to do just yet.

Note: As with many rescues right now, we are receiving lots of requests from a variety of sources for dogs that need to be re-homed.  We are a foster based rescue, so we rely on our foster homes in order to bring a dog in and help them find their forever homes.   The number of homes available at any point in time is in a constant state of flux, so there may be a delay in available space.  We ask for your patience as we work to find openings for dogs that need to be re-homed.