Farm to Family Campaign

Our goal for our Farm to Family Campaign is to rescue as many Labrador Retrievers as we can from breeding farms, and place them into loving homes.  The more money we raise, the more dogs we can rescue.  We are 100% volunteer and foster-based. Veterinary costs average $140,000 per year.  Your donation will help us save more of these amazing dogs from the harsh conditions of breeding farms, provide them with proper medical care, and then adopt them into warm and loving families.

Once upon a time on a quiet Amish farm, lived a yellow Labrador named Freda. She spent most of her life in a kennel within a barn, bringing numerous litters of puppies into the world. The farmer saw her merely as a means to an end, unaware of her weight, favorite toy, or the softness of her fur. Bored and isolated, Freda gnawed on the metal bars of her kennel, wearing down all her top teeth to the same height, leaving her with just one true canine tooth on her bottom jaw.

One summer day, a volunteer from Brookline Lab Rescue arrived to offer Freda a new life. At 8.5 years old, Freda’s journey to her new home marked the beginning of a transformation. Her breeding days officially ended in August 2022 when she was spayed. In September, Freda was adopted by her foster family, including Crinkles, another former breeder mama, and Trixie, a black Labrador who had been adopted from farm life in December 2009. The three dogs quickly formed a bond, finding solace and companionship in one another.

Despite her calm demeanor, Freda carried the scars of her past. She was fearful of men and sudden movements. Yet, with each passing day, she began to heal. Her new family showered her with love and patience, giving her the space and time she needed to feel safe. As the months turned into years, Freda blossomed. Her eyes, once clouded with uncertainty, now sparkled with contentment. She learned to trust again, finding joy in simple pleasures—long walks with her fur siblings, basking in the sun, and snuggling close to her new family.

Two years have passed since Freda’s rescue. July 12th marked this special anniversary, a testament to her resilience and the power of love and kindness. Freda’s story is one of transformation and hope, a reminder that even the most broken souls can find healing and happiness.

In her new home, Freda is not just a dog; she is a beloved family member. Her journey from a life of confinement to one of freedom and love is a heartwarming tale of second chances and the enduring spirit of a yellow Labrador who, against all odds, found her way home.

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