Memorial Keisa


Lora found Keisa on the internet through Brookline Lab rescue.  As soon as my Mom saw the picture of Keisa she said that’s my dog, but we had to go through a long adoption procedure first.  My Mom age 87 and Keisa age 9 were a perfect match.  When my Mom turned 90 we had to put her in a nursing home because she needed 24 hr. care. Keisa came to live with me. Keisa had such a Great Personality, I was proud to take her anywhere.  I would take Keisa to the nursing home to visit Mom.  In the meantime, Lora developed lung problems and had a double lung transplant.  For the first year she was going great, but started having more problems.  Keisa passed away 2/23/2006.  I loved her so much I bought a pet casket and had her buried in my yard.  Lora had a second double lung transplant.  Lora passed away 9/26/2006.  The day after Lora passed away I was watering Keisa’s grave and this RAINBOW appeared directly over Keisa’s grave, and it’s there every sunny day between 10:30 and 11:30 AM.THE