Hi My name is Fudge!  I’m an 11& 1/2 year old chocolate lab.  I lived all of my life with my first family and was really loved by them.  About four years ago my family circumstances changed and suddenly I was alone a lot!  My family loved me so much that they realized I needed more attention so they did the hardest thing they could do… they found a new home for me through Brookline Lab Rescue!  It took me a little while to get used to this new family, but now I LOVE them!  I have a brother who looks just like me!  His name is Bruno and he’s 10 years old.  Bruno eats really slow, so somedays I get two breakfasts and two dinners, I really hit the jackpot!!  I also now have two human sisters and a mom and dad.  One of my sisters keeps me running and playing til I am really tuckered out and that’s when my other sister comes in to cuddle with me and hide me in her room so I can take a nap.  Bruno and I both have a job in our house, Bruno runs around the whole yard barking at people who haven’t even walked onto our street yet.  I stay inside and guard the front door.  I bark to let my humans know every time a car turns onto the street and I know when my mom and dad pull up because I can tell what their cars sound like so I don’t bark at them.  I also make my sisters feel very safe because I scare lots of people away who step on the front porch.  Once my human’s let someone in the house though I just love to meet them!   We are just one big, happy family now and while I sometimes miss my original family I hope they know that I am happy and safe enjoying my new forever home.