Maximillion (Max)

Today (12/2/17) Max and I celebrate our first Gotch ya Day! I can’t believe it was a year ago he came to my home to start his foster care with me & BLRR. The first couple of months were tough due to his serious and frequent seizures; and trying to get his anti-seizure medications at the right levels/combination.
Well, we are proud to share that Max has been seizure free for more than 5 months! WAHOO! Max continues to be under the wonderful care of NorthStar Vet’s Neurologist and his regular vet. Our lives have become very “normal” and we are so thankful!
Max has become my special yellow boy and an excellent companion. In fact, he is almost always by my side or right behind me. He is at my feet now as I sit here typing. Max loves our long walks around home, at nearby parks, and in the woods by the sea where we enjoy time at our camper during the season. Max is affectionate and loyal. He and Roxie enjoy each other and play often. We are FAMILY! ❤️🐾🐾🐾

He loves chasing the trucks and maintenance vehicles as they pass by (or come close)! Needless to say he is exhausted when we come home from our campground weekends!
Life is good and I am so glad I adopted my Max!