We came to Brookline following the loss of our lab of over 11yrs. We knew we had a huge hole in our hearts and lives that could only be filled by the wiggly butt of a lab; and Remy was just the lab to do it! From our first meeting, he felt like a natural member of our family. He is smart, sweet, and unbelievably great with our young son. You could tell that Remy was primarily kept as an outside dog in his previous life. His inside manners needed refining and he had a few demons to chase down when he first came to us but after only a few weeks of patience and consistent training, you’d never know.

True to his breed, Remy LOVES playing fetch, chewing on sticks, playing tug and sprinting to the kitchen any time the refrigerator is opened! Remy gives gentle kisses and will snuggle you every second you let him. He is just an all around good dog. We are so lucky that Remy’s previous family loved him enough to contact Brookline when they were no longer able to care for him. We are so thankful for the wonderful volunteers at Brookline who opened their hearts and homes to take him in during his journey to us. Our adoption coordinator Lou was such a pleasure and so supportive to work with. Remy will have a warm, loving home filled with lots of treats and toys for the rest of his days and we will have that soft, slobbery, unwavering love of a lab—total success!