Olivia (now Livy)

oliviaJust wanted to tell you how wonderful Livy is. She is completely “house trained’. Walks well on the leash and loves all people. She is definitely “my dog”. Follows me every where; when I sit she lays her head in my lap. Wish you could see her when she is happy and excited she prances and plays like a puppy. At night she sleeps on her dog bed a the foot of my bed, but during the day she curls up in the back corner of my walk-in closet. She has made friends with all the neighborhood dogs.

She has no voice. No bark, whine, yip, nor growl, nothing. I watch her go to the back door when she has to go out. I have hung a bell on that door knob and am teaching her to make it ring when she has to go. She is so intelligent and wants to learn. In the evening I sit on the floor and she cuddles up next to me. Just love her.

Thank you for putting her in my life.