August 4, 2017

Today Bella proved she’s the total package. She’s not only beautiful and sweet, but very smart. She picked up going down the stairs today so now she runs up and down the stairs like a champ.
We are still working on her house training, but I’m sure she’ll have that mastered in no time!
Between swimming and an evening run, she is tuckered out tonight.  It is so much fun to see her discover new things (toys/swimming/running). She almost hops when she runs at first. It’s so cute! The joy of being happy!  Bella loves to be with her family. She will follow you where ever you go. She is truly a joy to have!

August 3, 2017

Today was a busy day for little miss Bella. We found out a little bit more about her.
Stay tune for more on sweet Bella!
August 17, 2017
Bella has been with us now for 2 weeks – which is hard to believe due to her fitting right in.  She is really starting to come out of her shell; initiating play with our resident dogs, getting the puppy crazies around the dining room table and jumping right up on the beds, making herself at home.  😀
She is still in heat and not wanting to keep her “girly pants” on.  She could go against the best for record time to get undressed.  We have given up and keep her on the hardwood floors for the most part.
We are still working on house training.  She almost has it!!!! The difficulty was stress (drinking more than normal amounts of water) combined with the excessive urination that goes with being in heat.  In addition to that, I wonder if her water supply was not consistent in her former home. For the first week or so, she would not venture far from the water bowl. Drinking overly large amounts at one time.  Even sleeping by it. It was heart breaking.  So we were outside every 30 mins, and sometimes that was not enough.  It has settled down some now.
We are also working on her signaling when she needs to go out. I purchased a little bell that we are working on her to ring to signal when she has to go out. While I was at work today, my kids were amazed she used it!! Yay Bella!! And I did tell you before, she’s the total package – smarts and all!
She’s very affectionate and loved by all here.
Currently, she is sleeping on the deck after her afternoon swim.

August 28, 2017

Since the last update there is some great news.  Bella is now house trained! We are still working on her signaling, but what a difference. She just finished her heat cycle, so the drinking and going outside are both back to normal levels.
Getting into the car was never her favorite thing to do.  I would pick her up and she would go straight as a board.  She now realizes it leads to fun times – – whether going on a run, going to a football game, or just a ride around town.  Bella now is the first to “load up” and does so with a smile and many kisses! 🙂
We are working on teaching this wiggle butt to sit, but she is just such a happy dog her butt is always in motion.  She does sit, it just may take a few seconds to get her excitement out.  She is now sleeping on the bed at night and only crated when we are out of the house.  She follows me from room to room, always willing to “help” with any task.  Bella is such a delight to have.