Precious, 9 year old chocolate female

January 14, 2018

Hi everyone.  It’s me…Precious, a 9 year old chocolate lab all dressed up in my pretty pink scarf.  I’m doing really well living with my foster mom and dad. They really like me. And my vet, Dr Lisa, gave me new medicine for my sore paws and I’m feeling so much better now. And she even gave me a pedicure! Mom says I’m getting frisky and she seems so happy about that. We chase tennis balls in the yard and I always bring the ball back to her. And dad loves to take me for walks because we walk so nice together. They’re always telling me what a good girl I am so I think they’re trying to spoil me. Haha that’s great because I’m loving being spoiled. If anyone is looking for a sweet adorable lab to spend lots of time with…well I’m your girl. Bye for now




January 5, 2018

Hello everyone. I’m so happy to be living with my new foster mom and dad, Jim and Gloria Taylor (no, not that James Taylor) haha. My dad doesn’t sing to me. I’m a chocolate lab 8-9 yrs old (i forget my birthday) but mom’s vet  says I’m basically very healthy and she thinks I’m no older than that. I had a hard life for many years and I’m enjoying some peaceful living and lots of tlc from mom and dad. I have some sores on  my paws but they’re beginning to heal nicely now. Mom says I’m so sweet and mellow.  I’ll send more pictures soon and give you all updates on my very happy new year   Lots of love and hugs and slobber kisses to all you super wonderful people who help us labs and a special shout out to Maggie Peacock and Dan and Lisa Ploschke for all the driving they did to save me and bring me to my foster mom and dad   Life is good 🐾❤

January 5, 2018

Meet the new kid on the block.  Precious was surrendered a few days ago because the owner knew she needed more attention and was getting lost in the shuffle with numerous other dogs, cats and kids in the home.  She had started licking her paws (from boredom, stress) and they were not able to get her paws healed up, so we knew she was a dog that would benefit from a loving foster home where she can be the center of attention.  Indeed, she has been in foster care for just a few days and her foster mom (FM) reports that “Precious is doing amazingly well. Her paws are healing nicely and she is eating, playing and settling in as if she has been here her whole life. She is a sweet and mellow girl .”

Age is but a number and this girl will impress you with the pep in her step.  Check out her videos.  Look for Precious to become available when her paws are healed up!  Please check back for updates.