February 15, 2017

I’m Roxy, I went to the vet yesterday and they said I’m in a pretty good shape for my age. Told ya!

I eat/drink/play/sleep/see/hear well, I used to move slow before but I can run and jump like a puppy now. When I see my FM coming back home I’ll dance and sing, my FM says I look silly when I do it but I don’t really care.

I live well with other dogs, I stay calm when they try to rob my food (but jeez I hate it when it happens). My FM said I’m the sweetest pup she’s ever seen, and you know what, I’m learning commands—who’s to say a senior can’t learn! I’m handling ‘sit’ and ‘down’ very well now (I guess I’m kinda bilingual already, I can understand a bit Chinese believe it or not) and I’m trying to master ‘speak’ and ‘stop’. You won’t believe how fast I pick up with stuff!

Oh by the way, I bond with my foster family real quick. And unlike other guys at my age, I LOVE cuddling and I just can’t have enough of it:)  Just so you know, I’m doing AWESOME and I believe I’m ready for a fur-ever family. Ask my FM if you have any questions, she knows everything about me!

Woof woof.


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