December 8, 2016

img_2097Sam has finally learned how to be a dog!  Thanks to his foster brother, Sam has really come out of his shell!  He is a happy, playful, confident love ball.  When he was first placed in our foster home, he wouldn’t play with toys or run around the house chasing his foster brother. Unfortunately, he was more on the reserved and shy side, almost as if he himself was sad. Boy, has that changed! img_2098FM has found some of his favorite toys by trial and error (those hard chew bones and anything squeaky) and rope toys for epic tug of war battles with foster brother!”   For more information on this adorable boy, please contact               November 1, 2016 img_20131Going on our 4th night with Sam, and I couldn’t be happier with this little ham! He’s been sleeping through the night and getting into a routine of pre-bed snuggles watching TV on the couch. As the days go by and he gets more comfy here, his img_20042little goofball personality is starting to shine – that typical, silly lab attitude we all know and love. I can’t say enough how much of a ham he is, he comes right up to you with those soulful eyes and puts his paws on your leg when you bend down and gives you kisses and just folds into your lap for snuggles.     October 30, 2016 I picked up Sam yesterday morning from the kennel to foster him, on his birthday img_20251weekend, no less! He’s a Halloween baby! Haha. We had a pretty uneventful ride home, and my resident chocolate lab Copper helped guide him all around our property and the house showing him some of his favorite areas to lounge and nap. Needless to say, Sam found some favorite spots in front of the fire place and front door watching the neighborhood img_20241I was worried that he wouldn’t eat, but he surprised us all when he ate not only dinner last night but breakfast this morning! Happy foster mom moment, to see him comfortable enough here to eat. Our first night was a little restless, he would img_20102sleep a few hours and get up to pace around the downstairs but I’m sure with some time and routine, he will adjust just fine. No accidents either, so yay for us He is SUCH A LOVER! The more love you smother him with, the more he gives you. He is a very sweet guy. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his personality come out in the next few days the more comfy he gets.

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