Memorial Clark

clarkclark2Clark aka Clarkie Boy/Propeller butt very suddenly crossed over the rainbow bridge March 22nd. His behavior gave it away—that morning he didn’t grab a sneaker and run away with it for the first time since we got him last April. The night before his belly felt a little hard and when the vet took xrays she found that he had an internal bleed and was already severely anemic.

When we first met him at Petsmart at a meet and greet he was very gassy—one of his many charms. He blessed us by going out that way as well as his other signature mark—snoring. We loved him dearly. At 9 he acted more like a puppy than our 5 year old. He was a cuddler and we got to hold him as he left this life. The house is so quiet without him and we are so disappointed we had so little time with him and grateful that he made such a deep impression on our hearts.