Memorial Diesel Girl

dieseldiesel2Dear Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescuers,

We had to say goodbye to our beloved mama dog Diesel on June 21st. She was bright eyed and alert to the end but her body gave away due to the hard life she had prior.

She was loved by everyone at the Medford dog park known by mama to all. She loved chasing the birds, going for a leisurely swim, food, and the couch. She was an incredible love bug. I will miss her nudging me an hour before meal time to ask for early dinner or smacking me with her big paws if I stopped petting her. She was my velcro dog who would wait for me at the park while I tied my shoes.

She was very special to us and even though she lived with us for only 2 years she filled our lives with joy. She loved us and was loved by us. We will miss her but are so happy that she was part of our lives. She was a lovely soul.

Thank you for allowing us to have Diesel to be part of our family.