Memorial Guinness

Dear Brookline Crew,

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I tell you we lost our beloved Guinness, who we rescued through Brookline in 2001. Guinness was diagnosed in May of this year with an inoperable prostate tumor. With the kind help of our veteranarian we were able to spend six additional months with him after his diagnosis. He passed away peacefully on the evening of November 8th.

Believe me when I tell you no animal was ever loved more than our Guinness.

He was meant to be ours from the start when we first spied him on your website in June of 2001. By the time we were able to make contact regarding adopting him, he had already been placed with a family. We were so disappointed but continued to watch the site for another lab that might fit with our family. Then one day out of the clear blue in August of 2001 we got a call asking if we were still interested in Guinness. Remarkably even after two months we had not found a dog and Guinness had not worked out with his adoptive family. Needless to say it was love at first sight and the rest ishistory.

Guinness was an amazing, loving, gentle dog who was an integral part of our family and his passing has left an emptiness that only time can heal. We are looking to the future and the next addition to our family and are sure we’ll find him or her through your wonderful rescue program.

Thanks so much for all that you do. Take care.
Sherri Ashenbrenner & Family