Memorial Midnight

Midnight, our energetic beloved black lab, has passed away. As he was an integral part of our family, we are deeply saddened to see him go, and we will severely miss him. This memorial statement, however, is not intended to beckon upon the sadness in our hearts about Midnight’s passing. Instead, we would like to express the happiness that Midnight brought to our family, and how he enriched our lives.

We adopted Midnight from Brookline Lab Rescue in December 2005. Thereafter, our two lovelydaughters, Maddie (4) and Lily (3) were born. Maddie and Lily adored Midnight, and Midnight adored them (especially when they dropped scraps of food on the floor). Midnight watched our kids grow, and to much delight of our girls, he provided constant affection and kisses. Midnight was not only their loving friend and faithful companion, but he was their guardian.

Midnight craved constant attention and was not shy about letting you know if he wasn’t receiving it. He loved running, playing fetch, destroying the kid’s toys, swimming in the bay at the shore, and most of all, taking a ride in the kayak on the open water (and to much of our amusement, chasing other kayaks). He was constantly by your side, whether you like it or not.

After a prosperous, yet short, eight fun-filled years of life, Midnight succumbed to a fatal form of Lyme disease, shortly after midnight on January 26, 2011. We know he is in a good place – most likely chasing kayaks in doggy heaven.

See ya boy! We will remember you forever.