Memorial Mio

Mio was our fifth foster dog. She remained with us as she won my husband’s heart first and then the remainder of our family. “Miss Muzzy” was born with hip dysplasia which limited her activities more than the other dogs but she tried to join in the best she could. She loved to carry and to steal. Ask anyone who visited our house. She would get that devilish twinkle in her eyes, she’d focus in on something and it was gone! She always gave it back but only after she received her share of attention and someone chasing her.

We miss her high-pitched bark for a biscuit, her stealing the laundry, her carrying something when we grocery shop, and taking up the entire loveseat or moving just enough to share with Clark. We miss your smile as you were a talented dog that truly could smile. Thank you for teaching Clark that talent. We miss you trying to carry people by leading them by their wrists.

Goodbye “Meemo”, “Louisa Mae”, Miss Mio. May each tear we shed for our loss, raise you up in Puppy Heaven. We pray you’re running – pain free. We love and miss you.

Keith, Lynette, Melanie and your brothers – Townsend, Herbie and Clark.