Memorial Raven

raven2ravenDear Brookline,
One week ago today, we said goodbye to our beloved Raven. My husband and I adopted Raven in 2005. He was our first “furry” kid. He was a scrawny 10 month old pup. We were told to slowly introduce him to our home and to crate train him. Raven wanted no part in any of that. From the first day in the house he wanted to be where ever we were. As for crate training, within a week he had broken out of it and began to sleep on his own bed in our room. He quickly became my walking companion and eventually my running partner. Raven was followed by our 2 daughters. He was their protector and snuggle buddy. Raven joined us on my runs with the girls in the jogging stroller and him by their side. From gardening, to yard work, to swimming in the pool, to family walks, to bus stop pick ups, to simple errands around town, and family parties, Raven wanted to be with us at all times and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Thank you to Brookline for making the perfect match and giving us Raven. He will be forever in our hearts. Raven was the best fur-friend a family could ask for.

The Ramirez Family