Memorial Skye

Oh Skye, you left me way to soon.
You were my very first foster dog and  you stole my heart.  I made you a permanent part of my family because I could not imagine my life without you. You were my walking buddy, my friend, my bed warmer, my beautiful baby. Your tail never stopped wagging.   You marveled at the sights and smells along the trail on our walks  At first you walked around puddles but after several months you learned to splash right through them like a normal Labrador. You gained more confidence each and every day. 

You were learning to swim with the help of your yellow lab friend Nellie. I was so proud of you and I think you were also proud of
yourself. You ventured out past your comfort zone and learned that swimming was kind of fun. Your enthusiasm was a joy to watch. You brought so many smiles to my face and melted my heart with those beautiful brown eyes.

Your favorite thing in this life was chasing tennis balls. How ironic that the last thing in this life you did was chase tennis balls. You never complained or let me know that there was a problem with your back. The last tennis ball I tossed for you, you did not run after, you could not run after. My baby Skye was broken and could not be fixed. I could not commit you to life in a cart, so I let you go to run free and chase tennis balls with my previous beloved friends who have gone before you. You were in my life for too short of a time but you will always be in my heart. I miss you