Memorial Tayter

TAYTER 2TAYTER 1I rescued Tayter from Brookline in 2012 with the help of Jackie Moore. She has been the best dog that I have ever had. I knew when I read her bio on your site that she was the dog for me. She was a senior dog (same as me) and had bad legs which meant that she could no longer climb stairs (same as me). She has been my constant companion since I became disabled with my muscles and legs and when we go for our walks she looks back at me with the “hurry up” look and then waits for me. Since my husband has now retired he has also had the pleasure of being with this joyous gift of life dog every hour every day.

Our beautiful lovable Tayter has now passed away with both Steve and I by her side till the end .She has left such a huge hole in our hearts and also in all of my families hearts. She is being missed so much by my family especially my grandchildren. We have never had such a great dog and everyone that ever met Tayter fell in love with her. I want to thank Brookline for allowing us to be with Tayter for her final years. I have and will continue to tell everyone about Brookline Lab Rescue and the wonderful work that you do for these beautiful animals. I know that at the time that we adopted Tayter we were told that since we were seniors and was adopting a senior that we could always adopt again through Brookline bgut for now I still need to adjust to losing my best friend. I still miss her head nudges under my arm and her nudges in my lap so that I could rub her ears. I am always looking at your site and will continue to do so. I will continue to be in contact with you.

Kathy Simmons