Memorial Theo

We met on the internet and there was an instant attraction; love at first
sight. We fell in love with your gorgeous profile picture because you were so handsome. You were smiling and you looked like a bear. We made an appointment to meet you and get to know you for a three week trial. It was June 2002 and our fate was sealed.  You were looking for a furever home and we were looking to expand our family.  We knew therewas no going back only forward through a journey in life together!  When we brought you home you wouldn’t come into the house. You sat out front with your new Dad for an hour-and-a-half.  We literally had to push you into our lives.  We only had eight years together.  Too few.  Too short. We will always love you and will always remember your littleidiosyncrasies that endeared you to us.
Theo, thank you for giving us your all.
“Well done our good and faithful friend. Well done.”

Michele Eichert -Theo’s mom