Travis came into our lives after his original owner (Mom #1) surrendered him following the sudden and tragic death of her beloved husband. In his first home, Travis was well loved and cared for, but he proved too strong and willful for Mom #1 to handle alone. She decided to find him a new home with an active family and thankfully she decided to work with BLRR. We were thrilled that she chose us because we had been looking for a second dog, to join our 11-year-old female Lab, for many months.

When we were introduced to Travis at our first meeting, Mom #1 asked if we would mind taking a pair of black work boots with Travis. She told us about the recent loss of her husband. Travis’s favorite game that he played with his Dad #1 was “find my boots” each morning before the man left for work. Travis would search the house and deliver each boot to his owner. After Dad #1’s death, Travis kept the boots close every day as a reminder of the devoted man who left his life so suddenly.

When Mom #1 told us the story behind the boots, we all cried in the park together, including the wonderful BLRR volunteers working with us. We said “of course, the boots and dog are all welcome in our home!” Travis is now well acclimated to our home and family and his new fur sister Kama. Every time we come home or someone comes to the door, Travis finds a boot and brings it to us. We now call them the “welcome boots” and they are still his favorite chew/holding object.

We hit the jackpot with Travis: he is loving, intelligent, affectionate, healthy, a bit wild – but manageable. We are thrilled he (and his boots!) are in our lives. We are deeply grateful to the BLRR organization for all the care they take in ensuring dogs and families are well matched.

Kathy and Jeff