Zack, 8 year old black lab

February 20, 2018

black labrador retriever boneZack has been with us almost one month now. He is incredibly sweet and cuddly. Partly due to his size of just 46 pounds. The vet seems to think he is mixed with a beagle which is why he is of short stature. He is definitely a cuddler and loves attention. He gets along with all dogs, cats and people of all ages. He is quite timid which I attribute to being outside 24/7 his whole life with limited human interaction.

He was recently neutered and had some dental work. They cleaned his teeth and needed to extract several of them. He has not teeth in the front, but all of his teeth in the back. To help eating be easier we are feeding him a dehydrated food, which is the same cost as regular bag of kibble. Since his neutering he has no incidents of marking inside the home.

I think Zack would do well in any type of home, but probably best with another fur friend. He should be available for adoption by Friday, February 23rd.


February 4, 2018

Zack is a black lab mix that has been with us for a week now and he is learning new things each day.  He was an outdoor dog that was not well taken care of for his 8 years of life.  Now he will know the comforts of a home, never being hungry or thirsty again and getting all his medical needs taken care of.  He is shorter than a typical lab and only weighs about 50 lbs.

Zack is scheduled for neutering and much needed dental work on Feb. 15th.  He only has one or two ground down teeth in the front and a few ground down ones in the back.  He does have his 4 canine teeth, but they must be removed because they are all broken and badly worn.  While he is being neutered he’ll have his teeth cleaned and checked for viability.  We’ve had to soften his food and I’ve now switched to a dehydrated food to help him with eating as well.  Zack was also found to have worms so he is being treated for them.  The doctor also thinks Zack has some arthritis, mostly in his hind legs.  We are treating him with Dosaquin right now.  He does not appear to be in pain and it does not prevent him from going up or down the stairs.

He is an incredibly sweet dog, but very timid.  Living inside of a home and having tons of human contact is new for him so I would imagine it will take some time to settle.  Zack is doing really well with housebreaking.  He has had a few marking incidents, but he is getting much better and we hope the neutering will help even more.

Zack currently lives with two children and our resident dog.  They get along well and I imagine Zack is very easy going and would be fine in most any environment.  Once he recovers from his surgery I hope to have him out at some events to meet potential adopters.  He is incredibly calm and gentle and has an amazing puppy face even though he’s 8 years old.

black labrador retriever green belly band black labrador retriever tongue out in crate


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