Abby #10 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #2960

July 21, 2021

Abby has now been in foster care for a week and her Vet checkup was perfect. She is an active and alert girl with lots of energy at a trim 70 lbs.!  She has been contentedly crated every night from ~10:30 to ~7:30 with nary a whimper.  I know she would love to be in the bedroom with her foster bro and sister, but I have not tried yet. She has also been crated for foster mom 2-3 hrs. away from home, and I will try her free roam for next foster-mom leaving home for a few hours on 7/23. 💕 She has not shown any traits of counter-surfing, no trash-diving, nor has she raided a dirty laundry basket for attention. (Ha ha- prior Lab families will understand). We are working on retrieving a tennis balls, or her squeaky toy for a treat. Abby will need consistent leash training since she continues to be quite a “puller”. She’s a fast learner and is already improved slightly with Martingale or halter for leash control. There is so much good about this girl- I sure hope a loving forever family is soon in her near-future.chocolate labrador retriever

July 16, 2021

Abby has been in my Brookline Foster home for 3 days. She is a smart and lively girl. A delight for the forever family. They will need some dedication to ‘command’ training (if that’s what ya’ call it)!  I have noticed many great traits in this young girl- now out of the whacko-puppy stage, but alert, responsive to affection, fast runner, and a quick learner. Endurance isn’t great yet as I rode my bike on my own grassy 5 acres, and she kept up. Note: I have an old bike, only 10 speed and fat tires (LOL). But in our 15 min -she is now crashed, but probably would love to work up to jogging a 3k, maybe more, with time!chocolate labrador retriever

We have also played often indoors with tug-toy. chocolate labrador retrieverHer Retriever genes seem to be surfacing as she learns to “fetch” as tennis ball. I was told she would not “drop” the ball in the past, but today, with tiny slivers of treat in my opposite hand. She seemed to start relating the “drop” request. Not consistently, but more than yesterday.

She has made up with my senior dogs, but oldest (14+) is likely jealous and gives her appropriate guttural growls to let Abby know not to get in his space or face! ☺️They all do relax in the same room without issue!chocolate labrador retriever

She sleeps in a crate since here, and last night with stuffed toy to comfort her, she didn’t even whimper for a minute! Stay tuned for more updates on this beautiful Abby

July 13, 2021

Abby is a 75lb spayed chocolate Lab. chocolate labrador retriever

It is now 5 pm and Abby has been walked several times on short walks due to 90-degree heat. It was a hazy 80 when I picked up pretty Abby today at 2pm in upper Dauphin Co. She finally laid down after thoroughly exploring everywhere on the first floor and in my yard on a long easy leash.

The Martingale works best for me for her pulling. In just 2+ hours I learned she knows to “sit” for leash time or treat. She knows a quick alert “no” is something she should not do. My 14-year-old Toby allowed her to walk around him after he initially greeted her with indifference! 🥰. When old Toby took ‘his spot’ behind my recliner Abby was given an alert bark that “only he takes this spot” LOL- even Sheila had to learn that. Sheila, former foster, also was indifferent, but did the typical doggie greeting and went along for our short hourly walks on what shaded path I could take!

A longer walk will be after 8 when the heat and sun go down. Enjoy attached first pictures!


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