Abby #9 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 10 Years Old ID #2742

September 5, 2020

This has been another good week for Abby, she is really enjoying the routine of being a family dog.

Some mornings she sleeps in later than I do and comes downstairs with a happy wagging tail knowing that her breakfast is waiting for her. Abby has become a typical dog and eats all her food and licks the bowl clean.

We are in a pretty good routine of potty and walking times, but she is flexible if a work or school commitments requires a change.

Abby enjoys her days keeping us company while we work, study and relax. Of course, she is relaxing all the time.chocolate labrador retriever

This week Abby meet a friend’s dog. They sniffed each other and then where happy to just walk together on their leashes. She showed no signs of being, afraid, anxious or aggressive.

Abby has stayed alone again a few times this week and did well for a few hours. She has discovered the large ottoman, perfect lab size, that looks out the front window is a perfect spot to relax and wait for humans to come home.

It is wonderful to see Abby becoming a happy, healthy, and classic dog.

August 30, 2020

Happy to report that Abby has fully recovered from her surgery. Her energy level is up, and her appetite has improved. She is not as picky of an eater.

Her anxious panting has greatly subsided, and she is acclimating to being a family/house dog.

Abby has found her “spot” in the kitchen which she likes to rest and be a part of all family kitchen activities.chocolate labrador retriever

She enjoys doing yoga with one of her FS.chocolate labrador retriever

She has fully embraced  “bedtime” and sleeping through the night by my side.chocolate labrador retriever

Abby has had no accidents in the house and has earned the privilege of having access to the entire first floor. She has also stayed home alone a few times this week, and  is getting less anxious every time.

Abby had another visit from our young neighbor and they even went on little walk together, adult supervised of course.

This week it has been nice to see Abby become a more relaxed dog.

August 23, 2020

Abby has had a week full of pampering & resting and we think she has pretty much perfected her skills in couch sitting and lap snuggling.

Now that she is physically healthier, we are focusing on her anxiety that is common in these farm girls.

Abby is still a picky eater; we are still trying to find foods that are appealing to her. Just like a child, she enjoys something for a few days and then loses interest in it. Abby can eat any food that is hiding a pill inside and then spit the pill across the room. She will be done with her antibiotics this week, we will all be happy when this course of medication is complete.

Abby is doing well with walking on the leash and continues to love everyone she meets. She is always quick to offer her belly and it is quite a sight to see right now as her hair is growing back from her surgery.chocolate labrador retriever

Abby needs to be with people and if she can be physically touched by a person at all times that is even better. The second night after her surgery she was feeling well enough to communicate her dislike for sleeping in the crate, after a sleepless night of trying to make her sleep in the crate we learned she is not a dog that likes her crate. We took turns sleeping with her downstairs on the couch all week and starting Friday night, 9 days post-surgery, we are let her do the steps so she could become a dog who sleeps in a bed, she loves it!!  Her face is now the first thing I see in the morning now and it is a great way to start the day.

August 16, 2020

Abby has had a very challenging week.

She was uncomfortable, lethargic, and not eating well. Our amazing vet team quickly discovered that she had pyometra.  Abby had surgery on August 13, and she was strong enough to come home with us that evening.

Abby has been having a lot of difficulty getting and staying comfortable. We have been working closely with the vet and he adjusted her pain medication and anti-inflammatory meds.

Through it all, she has been sweet and easy-going. She has also discovered her new mission which is to sleep on couches and be a 70-pound lapdog. She is resting today with one of her FS.chocolate labrador retriever

We are hopeful that this week she will be on a solid path to a speedy and full recovery.

August 11, 2020

Abby had a restful day yesterday, she hung out in bed again till 10 am and then enjoyed a light breakfast followed by a stroll around the court.chocolate labrador retriever

The day was spent lounging in different areas of the house and she learned about sitting on the couch and watching tv.

The highlight of her day was a visit from a young neighbor. Abby loved the attention from this little girl and stood still for a nice grooming session.

August 9, 2020

Yesterday was a day full of activity for our new foster Abby. After the hour car ride to our home, she enjoyed some yard time before we gave her a much-needed bath.  She was a good sport throughout the entire process.

Bath time was followed by a nice little walk, she did surprisingly well on the leash.

Later in the afternoon, she met a family cat that is here visiting with us while her mom is away. At first, they meet through a door and then a little closer at the table.  She was curious but no signs of aggression.

Abby enjoyed a light dinner and finally settled on the kitchen floor afterward. She passed out cold, it was the first time she slept all day.chocolate labrador retriever

I had to wake her to go potty one last time before bed and then she slept in her crate all night. The cat enjoyed watching her while she slept.

While she was a very well-behaved lady, I think she was feeling stressed about her transition from the farm.

Today Abby slept in until 10 am and is enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon which this retired farm girl certainly deserves.

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