Abby Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 Years Old

April 4, 2019 Just a quick update on Abby.  Her eye is healing well from the lipoma removal on Monday. She has left it alone mostly, so no cone needed. Have we mentioned that she’s a champion snorer?  She snores with the best of them!!! We have gone out several times now and left Abby and our 2 resident dogs all free roaming and there was zero issues.  They all get along great and are completely trustworthy together while alone. Abby would be an incredible therapy dog….she has the sweetest personality and calm demeanor.  She is a love bug who just loves to be loved on. chocolate Labrador Retriever getting a hug Here are a few more pictures of this beautiful girl

March 22, 2019 Hi all it’s me Abby. Well it’s been 2 nights for me in this new place and I think I’m settling in pretty good.  We all slept in till after 9 am today and I still wasn’t sure I was ready to get up.  That made foster mom very happy, but I’m not sure why. My foster family is already learning some of my secrets….things like… 1)  I LOVE to sniff counter tops and if ANYthing smells like it might be food…I’m up and trying to get it.  I even got FM’s cream cheese that she said was softening for her recipe. Oops…oh well thankfully FM had more and she put it in a more secure place.  I was pretty close to getting some bacon..boy that would have been soo yummy!!!  Foster Dad also caught me running from the kitchen into the family room with a bag of doggie treats hanging from my mouth.  It wasn’t opened but I wanted to try have some.  Foster Dad said that was really funny…even as he chased me to get them back!!   . 2)  I like very much to snooze thru the day.  My favorite place is on foster fur sister Lia’s dog bed in FD’s office.  I happily spent the entire morning in there and then went back in there all evening, even though everyone was in the other room watching tv.Chocolate Labrador Retriever laying down 3)  I discovered the sofa today, and really prefer the cozy end of the one sofa in the room with the tv.Chocolate Labrador Retriever sleeping 4)  I LOVE being petted and laying by any person and soaking up all the love I can get. 5)  They gave me a really special treat last night…they called it “Doggie Ice Cream”.  Took me a few minutes to figure out how to eat it, but when I did BOY was that good!!!!  My Fur sisters tell me that’s a nightly special and I can’t wait!!!Chocolate Labrador Retriever 6)  I very much enjoy being out in the backyard, wandering and exploring or even just laying on the cement by the pool.  FM thought it was way to cold and windy, but I didn’t mind it. Foster Mom says she wants to include a note so I’m gonna let her tell you a few things. Love Abby Hi All….I just wanted to tell you what an incredible girl our sweet Abby is.  She is honestly the easiest foster (except for the counter surfing…that really keeps us on our toes!!).  She soaks up the love and attention and is so very happy to just chill near you.  She takes correction very well when told no.  She is eating quite well and drinking normally.  So far there have been no problems between Abby and our 2 resident dogs, which is great.  Abby is such a sweetheart and is so very calm and laid back.  She takes treats very gently.  Still refuses to go into the crate (although our Lia has decided she doesn’t mind laying in there from time to time hahahaha) but really she doesn’t require crating at all.  We have allowed her free roam and she just goes about and finds a place to lay and rest.  Not sure what we’ll do when we all need to be out, but perhaps letting her be in Jim’s office with the door closed…that’s where her favorite bed is anyway lol. When that time comes….an older couple who are around most of the time would be a perfect choice for Miss Abby, but so would a family with young kids and a Mom who is home….or even just someone who works from home.  In all honesty…..just about anyone who is home more than not would be a great fit.  Even someone who is home part days would be fine as Abby seems happy to snooze part  of her day away.  She is so easy and just wants love and attention but I would not say she is velcro as she’s always wondering off to find a cozy spot to lay. Next Friday I made her a special appointment for a “spa day” with my groomer neighbor. She will get a wonderful bath, deshedding conditioner and then the “furminator”.  I think this will really help her coat with the shedding as well as the bit of dryness.  We are already starting the switch over to much better dog food that will greatly improve her coat and skin, too. My only real concern (if you can call it that?) is that Abby has horribly bad breath!!  We give her a “toothbrush” each morning as that’s what we do for our dogs and the Vet has commented how great their teeth are, but I’m not sure if something more is going on to cause it….it actually almost made me gag when she was giving me kisses. Well….that’s it for today. March 21, 2019 Hi it’s me chocolate love Abby.   I met a nice lady whose car I was put in and off we went again.  I was super calm and just laid with my head on the armrest.  Then after a while we stopped and met 2 new people….who I found out are Foster Mom and Dad.  Not sure what that means.  Off we went again in the car and again I was super calm and just laid there…didn’t make a peep the whole time. When we got to their house, I went for a short walk in the rain and met 2 dogs who live there.  Then we went out back in the fenced yard and got to meet a little further.  That went pretty good and none of us were overly interested in each other.

When I finally got to go inside this new house I was exploring on my own and resident dog Emma came in and got a little too close to my face while I was still nervous and not sure what was going on so I gave a bit of a warning growl.  Silly girl growled right back at me…..can you imagine?  Well, foster Mom kinda spoke sternly to Emma and told her to give me room, which she did right away and after that we were ok with each other.  I am now comfortable enough sit beside them and get all the pets and love that I can.two black and Chocolate Labrador Retriever I have to giggle to myself…no one told foster Mom how MUCH I am shedding!!!  My coat has that several different layers look to it and you can just pull clumps of my fur off if you want.  I need to get ready for the upcoming summer, but foster mom says her vacuum may get a run for its money…..I don’t understand why??   I am also VERY interested in the counter tops and all the good smells and things that may be up there.  When I’m told NO I listen very well, though. I met my foster brother Josh, who I learned I get to sleep in his room with him!! Score!!!  I have my very own bed in there and I slept the entire night comfortably on that bed.  Josh said I didn’t make a peep.  I did get up and kinda sniff around a time or time just to remember where I was but otherwise it was a good nights sleep.  We all got up around 8:30 or 8:45 and I was ok with that.  I went right out back to go potty and that pouring rain didn’t bother me a bit! I’ve had a little bit of breakfast and something that foster Dad called a “toothbrush”.  They say I really need it but I’m not sure why.  It was a very yummy treat so thats all I really care about.  I have spent some more time wandering around learning this new place and getting all the love and pets that I can cause I surely do love them!!  I sit when I’m told and come when called.  I’m very calm and super duper sweet…if I do say so myself….and I think they will find that I’m a perfect house guest.  My family said that I was crate trained, but I’m not sure if thats true because so far I’m refusing to go into the crate they have set up for me. Well, I’m off taking a nap in foster Dads office while he works.  Ssshhh…don’t tell resident Lia cause I’m on her favorite bed in there hehe. Foster Mom says I look sad….well wouldn’t you be if you were sent away from the only family you’ve ever known?  Thankfully I’m getting lots and lots of love and attention at this new place. I’ll check back in with you all tomorrow. —

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