Abigail Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old

July 28, 2019

I went on my first hike today to the park, and I just loved it. I got to do so many new things, like wade into a creek and smell all kinds of new stuff. My foster parents said I walked over a mile with them, which seems like a long way, but I didn’t really have any trouble keeping up with my foster sister.

I also met a bunch of new dogs. At first, I was a little hesitant to have them approach me (I certainly wasn’t going to make the first move!), but I stayed calm and let the sniffing commence. With the second and third wave of new dogs, I grew more and more confident … or, maybe, just a less and less apprehensive.

Later, my foster parents went out for a bit and left me with my foster brother, with resident Freda on the other side of a baby gate. I’ve been getting a little frisky lately when this happens, but honestly, I was so tired, I slept most of the day. By the time my foster parents got home, I had had a nice nap and was ready for more activity. I mean, who knew I would actually start to like all this exercise stuff—leash walking, running around in the yard, trail hiking?

Anyway, I guess its time to start thinking about what kind of family I would like to live with. Certainly, I am digging the leash walking and am not as much of a couch potato as when I first got here, so maybe someone who likes some company around the neighborhood? And maybe someone willing to show me the ropes, so to speak? I still need someone to prod me a bit, to let me know what is safe to approach and sniff on my own. This whole big world beyond the farm I grew up on is still so new to me, and I get unsure at times. But I do want to explore—really, I do!

My foster parents had some little humans visit them a week ago. They were pretty small, but big enough to be walking on two legs. I wasn’t really sure what to do around them. They were a bit loud and active for my tastes, if I am honest. I guess bigger little humans could work out, but the smaller ones who speak with loud voices, they stress me out a little.

two yellow labrador retriever
Nummy and Abby Brookine Dogs Hang Together

What about another dog in the house? I really have enjoyed the time I have spent with my foster brother and sister. They’ve been really generous with me and have shared their toys and stuff. It would be nice to live with another resident. Then again, I really love to sit on the couch with my humans and rest my head in their laps. Foster dad says I snore when I do this to him. So, another dog in the house? Could be an option. Or I just shimmy my way into a home as a solo dog. Either way, I guess.

It will be hard to leave this comfortable arrangement I have somehow lucked into. I might be sad for a little bit; foster dad says he will be, too. But he also said that whatever family I get to live with will be really lucky to have a snuggly love bug like me. That does make me feel better.

July 23, 2019
Hi to all of my fans out there, it’s me Abby.

My foster parents put together a photo album of all of my pictures. They said I am a beautiful “model” and they love taking photos of me!


I am going to the hospital today to have my cracked tooth removed. I am scared, but I’ve been through this before when they did something called a “spay” and I got over it pretty quickly. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be back to my old self and by old self I mean NEW self! I have changed a lot, and am a happy girl since i’ve been out of that breeding kennel. Guess what, I even ran up and down the stairs yesterday! I got a whole cheese stick for that. FD was so proud of me. Speaking of cheese sticks, I have lost TEN pounds since I’ve arrived. They say it’s the moving around I’m doing and eating quality food. Whatever it is I feel much lighter and I have a spring in my step.
FM & FD say I’m almost ready to go to my FUREVER home. Sounds exciting but I’m not so sure about leaving this place. I’ve got it pretty cushy here and have my FD wrapped around my big paw. I love to lay my head on his lap when we sit together on the couch. I’ve also taken to sleeping in the bed…shhhhh don’t tell anybody. I sneak on in the middle of the night and I guess FD & FM are too sleepy to get me down heee heee heee. Anyway look out for my official write up soon on the website and petfinder. I will be looking for a quiet, patient home and would probably do best with a nice yard or at least someone committed to walking me a few times a day. I am pretty fearful and shy around new people and new situations so it’s probably going to take me a couple of weeks to warm up to everything in my new home but I’m so lovable that I’m sure you’ll see what a reward you’ll be getting with me as a furry family member.
July 15, 2019
Hi! It’s me, Abigail, coming in for my first blog entry. My foster parents said its time for me to give this a try …
And that’s the thing with me. I’m a little bit shy, but once I get prompted in the right direction, I am willing to give things a go. I learned this on leash walks, especially. We didn’t have those back when I was a “breeder mama” (my Foster Parent’s words …). But I think I’ve taken to the leash pretty well, thank you very much!
I also wasn’t the greatest eater at first. Took me a while to understand the healthy stuff going in my bowl. I resisted at first, but now look at me! I’m down 5 pounds already from when I came to my foster family. With the new diet and exercise from my leash walks, I should be a svelte little girl no time! OK. Maybe I’m big boned, but you know? Even the small steps I make are a big step from where I started.
I’m working on a few other things right now, too. Like “sit” and some other commands. I hear whispers that I am supposed to get my teeth checked out next week. Not looking forward to that, but I’ll check back in after that goes down to let you all know how I’m feeling. Maybe by then I will also know what kind of family I’d like to live with. There is just so much to think about!
chocolate Labrador Retriever

PS: Look at this way cool box of goodies I got from the nice people at Brookline

PSS: I’ve been doing so many way cool things since I came to live with my foster family – outdoor concerts, doggie pool parties, parades, dog walks to the park… I could go on and on. I am so loved here and I really really love my humans.

This is me and my foster dad. I especially like him

And here is me and my new pack. We all like to lay on something called a couch. It’s soft & cozy.
couch life with dogs two chocolate one black Labrador Retriever
July 5, 2019
Abby/Abigail had a very happy Fourth of July. She came with her foster M & D and her fur-foster brother to a parade. There were lots of people, lots of noice and lots of new smells but she did great and we settled in to a spot in the shade. So many people commented on how beautiful she is and someone was sending her photos to her husband in an attempt to say can we please adopt her 😊

Abby is somewhat of a shy timid girl right now. All of this living inside with people is new to her but she is the absolute sweetest thing in the world. She does not have a mean bone in her body and she gets along just fine with our resident two labs. When we all hang out in the family room Abby will go in the crate and chill in there, however at bedtime she now wants to be with her humans and fur pals. Last night was the first night we let her sleep in the bedroom and all went well. She slept on the floor right next to the open bedroom door. This breeder girl does not know what a soft dog bed is 🙁 For now she prefers to lie on the hardwood floors. She also has not discovered furniture yet 😉

Abigail is eating well and enjoying meal times. She has not had a potty accident at all in the house which is pretty incredible, however she hasn’t gotten down the potty while out on a leash-walk thing yet. She will. She does go out in the yard and takes care of her business. In time, the more she gets her leash walks with her fur siblings I’m sure she will figure it all out.

Today Abby is being spayed. We know she will be uncomfortable for a few days when she gets home but we also know that it is for the best and if we could only tell her that this means NO MORE puppies for you sweet girl 💜yellow labrador retriever face

July 2, 2019

May we introduce Abigai, after Abigail Adams, widely considered THE First Lady of the United States, and a close confidant of both John and John Quincy Adams. (for a Fourth of July theme)!

Our first night with this butterball was uneventful – which is the best we could have hoped for! She is a big girl and will have to lose a little weight. Good diet and some exercise will take care of that. We kept her separated from our resident pups, although she did meet our male Nummy this morning, and all went well – they even tried to play for a bit (Abby got exhausted after exactly one 360-degree spin). She ate part of her dinner last night and breakfast this morning, which was a little surprising, given the newness of all of this, but maybe not, because it sure looks like she enjoys a good meal.
We are all still getting to know each other at this point, but overall, Abigail is settling in nicely. We’re keeping things quiet at the moment, which should help her transition.
She will be spayed this Friday, and we have to follow up on some badly (!) infected ears. We have a sense that this girl will be very popular when it comes time to find a home — she is already showing us a loving temperament, an easygoing nature, and just look at that pretty face!
yellow Labrador Retriever sitting

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