Adeline Black Labrador Retriever Female 12 Years Old

September 7, 2019

Sweet Adeline is still here waiting for her forever home to come along and find her.

While she waits…. she’s decided all the love and attention she’s getting in her foster home sure is wonderful!!!  She’s hoping to find a home where she will continue to get lots of love and snuggles and pets and attention….oh and treats…lots of treats 🤣🤣🤣!!  She sure does love treats 😍😍😍

She may be a bit older, but she has so much life and love in her to give.  She’s not fond of uncarpeted floors… she’s more cautious and makes her way from carpet to carpet (throw rug type)  in our kitchen other areas that aren’t fully carpeted.

And did we mention her LOVE of treats?  Miss Adeline will bark and bark at you until either 1) you give her a cookie or 2) you get in her face (I think she’s a bit hard of hearing) and loudly tell her QUIET…. We’ve been working on this lol.  Thankfully, she is learning.

Ohmygosh…..she is just such a sweetheart….we just know that when she finds her forever…..they are gonna wonder what took them so long to find her ❤️

Please keep sharing for our Sweet Adeline!!

August 14, 2019

Hi I’m Adeline and I’m wondering why no one wants me?  I’ve been available for adoption for a month with no interest 😔.black Labrador Retriever face

I may be a touch older…but that makes me so much more perfect.  Foster Mom says I’m the sweetest snuggle bug and I’m a  perfect girl who treats my home with such respect….house trained, I don’t chew on anything and I’m fully trustworthy when left alone.  I don’t counter surf, I sleep all through the night quietly and I just have sooo much love to give and just want to be loved back and have my person around with me as I like to be with people (my foster fur doggie siblings are fun to be with, too)  ❤️❤️

July 29, 2019

Adeline is available and waiting and just hoping that some wonderful family will fall in love and want to make her theirs!!black Labrador Retriever on sofa

She has so much love to give and just wants to be loved back.  She spent a week at another foster home  while FM & FD were away and  she was the perfect house guest!!!  She ran and played with the 4 resident dogs in the big back yard and just went with the flow.

She’s great with kids, dogs and we’ll just all home types.  Cats are an unknown.
Miss Addie is being treated to a morning with our groomer on Wednesday in hopes of being all beautiful and ready for that someone special that will love her forever

Look how good I am on my leash walks.

July 12, 2019

Great news Addie’s biopsy results came back benign!

July 6, 2019

Addie is home from her long day at the Vet for surgery.  She’s had a small amount of food and water and is content to sleep off the effects of anesthesia.  So far no issues with the food & water she’s had.

What we know….

She had the mass at her 5th Mammary gland removed and it will be sent out for biopsy.  We should have results later next week.
She had 2 skin tag type things removed…a very large, dangling one on her back left leg and one that was in between her toes on her back right foot that dragged and got sores from scrapping on the ground.

She had her teeth cleaned and 2 of her teeth were rotted and needed to be extracted.  Unfortunately for Addie one of those teeth was a Canine tooth.  She currently has a bit of a bloody nose from that canine being extracted.  It kinda drips a drop of blood off and on as she is laying and resting.

Xray of her chest showed that she has NO masses or lumps in her chest, which is great news!!  It also showed that she does NOT has Lar-Par.  Is it possible that she has a very minor, maybe newer diagnosis of it…yes….but for the most part he thinks not.

Her blood work, for the most part looks great.  Her white blood cells are high and this could be from her teeth (at least that is his hope).  She will take antibiotics for 10 days and be retested at her 2 week appointment to see if they are coming down or not.

The Xray also showed that her spine is pretty bad and this is probably the reason for her back end weakness and trouble with steps, getting up from floor etc.  He said that basically her vertebrae are all fusing together…poor girl.  He’s hoping the Galliprant will help with this some.

She goes back in 2 weeks on July 19th to have her stitches removed from her leg & belly.  The stitches in her mouth will dissolve on their own.  I’m hoping after that time we will be able to make her available to find her forever home that will love her thru her golden years. Someone with few steps would be ideal.  I know she’s an older gal, but whoever is willing to take a chance on her is really going to hit the jackpot as she is such a wonderful snuggle bug and truly a blessing to love!!

Phew….ok I think I covered all the bases with her hahaha.  I will update everyone when we get the biopsy results back next week!

July 2, 2019

Addie continues to settle in nicely.  She also continues to have no idea that Adeline or Addie is her name haha.

We discovered that Addie loves to snuggle and can (slowly) get up on the sofa and lay with you.  She also got to sleep on our son’s bed last night and boy did she LOVE that once she realized what was going on.  She slept a good part of the night with her head sleeping on Josh’s stomach and chest and then at some point moved to curl up on the other pillow up by his head.  That is how we found her this morning and it took a LOT of coaxing to get her to wake up and move so that we could take her downstairs for breakfast.

This girl is beyond sweet!!!  She loves to give kisses and her tail does the happiest dance around when you shower her with love and attention.  She steals the heart of everyone she meets!!

Please keep Addie in your thoughts & prayers for this Friday, July 5th.  She will be having her surgery to remove some lumps and skin tags.  The one mass on her 5th Mammary Gland is the most worrisome as the Vet straight out said he doesn’t like it at all.  It will be biopsied to see what is going on. She will have bloodwork, xrays to see if anything has spread to lungs, etc and also have a teeth cleaning and some extractions.  We wanted to get this all done as quickly as possible to give as much distance from the surgery and our vacation on July 20th so we are grateful they can do her quickly.

As for her cough….I think it’s improving….so hard to tell.  She coughs more in the mornings & evenings, but today the morning wasn’t as bad as past mornings.  Sometimes drinking water causes it to start.

All in all….Addie is just an incredibly sweet “older” lady.  She is gentle and calm, takes treats very nicely and just soaks up any and all love given to her.  See PIcs attached (and please ignore my sleepy head hair & robe hahahahahaha)black Labrador Retriever and man

June 29, 2019

Adeline “Addie” came to us yesterday afternoon and it was an exciting start!!  She wasn’t here 20 minutes or so before accidentally falling into the pool lol.  While she wasn’t a fan of it, she did calmly swim her way to the closest edge where we were able to help her out.  She was stinky and greasy to begin with, so we just turned on the hose and gave her an outside bath since she was already wet.  She was great and stood to let us shampoo her.

Addie has some sort of damage or arthritis or something in her rear left leg and its very weak and shaky and steps give her trouble.  She also often needs help getting up from laying on her doggie bed or even the floor and then is VERY stiff for a few minutes till she gets it worked out and moving.

It was immediately obvious that she was experiencing some sort of cough or upper respiratory issue.  We had scheduled a vet appointment for Monday at Noon…which was great as we knew she has issues that need to be checked out.

The news may not be all good for our sweet Addie.  She has a large (maybe golf ball size or bigger) hard mass at her 5th Mammary Gland that he is very concerned about.  He said while sometimes you can get a surprise, most often its not good news.  A biopsy will give us better answers.  She also has a number of other lipoma’s that aren’t as much of a concern.  She has a large dangling skin tag type thing that is heavy and swings on her bad back leg that would benefit from being removed.  She needs a good dental cleaning, and has some cracked teeth that need removed, a canine that is injuring her upper gum that needs to be filed or cut down, etc.  Her eyes have some cloudiness due to age but no cataracts.

Her cough type issue could be kennel cough…but he’s not sure that’s it.  He did put her on antibiotics and cough pills to try and help her in case it is an infection.  He also put her on Galliprant to try and help her back end weakness, stiffness, etc.  Another possibility for the cause of the cough is that something from the mass spread to her lungs and is causing the cough.

He wants her to be on the antibiotic an cough pills for a week to see if we can get that under  control, before having all the above procedures done under anesthesia.

We had one small grubble issue at our Emma, but we think she may have just been startled that Emma was there and wanted to sniff. After that, all 3 dogs have really been great together and Addie has even kissed/licked them each on their noses.  She is very attention demanding and will bark at you nonstop until you pet her haha.  She will then settle and lay quietly on her doggie bed.  black Labrador Retriever on dog bedWhen she’s up and moving she tends to have heavy breathing/panting… an old person that has breathing trouble….but that quiets down when she lays around.

All in all Addie is very sweet.  She’s skinny and her backbone sticks out.  She has a look to her eyes that tells of a very sad past story.  She slept nicely in our son’s room (we carried her up the stairs and back down this morning).  She coughed a few times but readjusted and slept on.  So far she seems to be house trained….no accidents at all and goes potty every time we go outside…yay Addie!!!

We will continue to update you all on the sweet gal.  She definitely steals your heart!!!

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