Amber #3 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3049

yellow labrador retrieverMeet Amber!  She is a beautiful, 6 year old farm girl.  Amber has to shed some extra pounds in her new home.  This sweet girl has a gentle mouth, is super friendly and just wants a person to love her. Please read her blog from the bottom up.

March 31, 2022

Amber continues to do well post spay surgery.  We have tried various cones and she has told me she is not a fan.  Today we tried the inflatable one and she has done much better.  She seems to tolerate it better than the other options.yellow labrador retrieverAmber will be looking for her furever home soon.  This 6 year old farm girl loves to be close so probably have someone home most of the time would be best for her.  She is settling in but still needs the comfort of a warm body close to her.  She loves her walks – not very interested in wondering around the backyard though that may change as she wants to explore more.  We tried playing fetch….. not much interest.  Amber may enjoy a fur sibling but I don’t think it’s a must.  Interacting with other dogs would be a plus whether it be doggie daycare or other play dates.

This sweet farm girl still needs some work walking on a leash as she is very strong and can be quite stubborn.  She is a big girl weighing in at about 100 pounds and she still thinks she’s a lap dog!

March 30, 2022

Amber had a busy 2 days- she was spayed yesterday and everything went well. I picked her up today and she is full of energy!  Not a fan of the cone but she is tolerating it.  Everything is now up to date for this sweet girl.  Look for her to be posted this weekend or early next week.yellow labrador retriever

March 28, 2022

Greetings from Amber!  This beautiful sweet 6 year old girl is enjoying life.  She has been off the farm a little over 3 weeks and is learning that life off the farm is great!  Warm, soft cozy places to sleep and food from a bowl!  Wow!  Amber had some time adjusting to eating from a bowl and was not very interested in her food. Boy, has that changed!  Amber has learned how to eat from a bowl and enjoys her food.yellow labrador retrieverOur mornings start with a walk.  The freedom harness has been a good friend to both of us.  Amber is a strong girl and pulls like a champ.  She was probably never walked before on leash so she is learning another new skill – so many changes for this girl.  She is making progress …. slowly.  She enjoys sniffing everything!

Amber has been left free roam while we are not home.  We came home to a basket of shoes flipped over but nothing was chewed, she just kept them close to her for comfort.yellow labrador retrieverTomorrow is a big day for Amber as she has her appointment to be spayed.

This girl loves to snuggle and stay close.  She loves being with her humans.  With some time, patience and love this girl will be your best friend!yellow labrador retriever

March 21, 2022

yellow labrador retriever

Sweet Amber spent the weekend with us while FM had company. She remembered us and latched on to Mike asap and never left his side. This sweet farm girl is gentle, loves other dogs and people.yellow labrador retrieverShe is a little skittish of certain noises and licks her paw when stressed but considering her past life she is doing amazingly well.yellow labrador retriever

March 18, 2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Amber! Amber has been with us for just over a week. She continues to adjust to living off the farm. She has mastered going in and out through a doorway. She is doing a little better on walks but still needs some work. She is a strong girl and still pulls. She is so excited to go for a walk and loves to sniff everything! Her house manners are great! She enjoys free roam in the house when we are not home and has not touched anything that does not belong to her.yellow labrador retrieverAmber went to the vet yesterday for some blood work before her spay surgery. She was a sweetheart to all. She is such a good girl! Her ears were slightly infected and her sore paw was looked at and is being treated. The vet suggested trying her on prescription dog food for two reasons – to help her loose some weight and to see if this food helps with her allergies. Amber weighed in at 102 lbs yesterday – 2 lbs lower than last week. Amber is a happy girl and there is always a smile on her face!yellow labrador retriever

March 13, 2022

It has been just over a week that Amber has been living the good life off the farm.  We picked her up from another volunteer almost a week ago and she is doing great!  Amber is learning so many new things.  Leash walking is improving – thank goodness for the freedom harness!  She is quite a puller – all 104 lbs of her!

Amber likes to stay very close and follows me around wherever and whenever I go. Amber has not tried the stairs since her first attempt last week.  We know she can go up the stairs – going down is another story.yellow labrador retrieverAmber has been left alone free roam for an hour or more.  So far so good. We have come home to a shoe being close to her with no damage – good girl Amber!

Amber is a beauty- a beautiful white lab she is so sweet and so happy.  She is always smiling!

Amber sees the vet this week for a pre- op visit before her spay. We will also check out the sore on her front paw.

March 11, 2022

Amber has been with us since Tuesday and she is learning how to be a dog.  We have been going on a few walks a day – at 104 lbs she is strong and pulls like a champ.  We are practicing good manners while walking on a leash.  Baby steps.

We have tried playing with the balls sent in her care package but she just doesn’t get it.  We are still practicing.

Amber doesn’t get much rest as she follows us around the house wherever we go.  She enjoys going outside as long as she can see us.yellow labrador retrieverWe have left her alone free roam for short periods of time and she has been okay.  Another work in progress.

Amber is a beauty.  We are working on a few manners that need to be fine turned.

Stay tuned to learn more about Amber!

March 9, 2022

Yesterday, I picked up foster dog Amber from the volunteer who pulled her.  Thanks to them, Amber was sprung from the farm and is officially retired!  Amber was the perfect passenger as we drove back to Pennsylvania.  She is a big chunk of pure happiness!  She is always smiling! yellow labrador retrieverAmber slept well last night and has enjoyed very short walks are the neighborhood today.  She is quite a puller and weighs in at 104 lbs!  We have some work to do in that department!  We found out the hard way today that Amber is not a fan of the stairs.  She was able to get up the stairs but we had quite a time getting her down.  After several hours, success and the stairs are now blocked!

Amber says “Thank you Brookline for my goodie box!”  She was thrilled with all the treats that were sent to her!  yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieveryellow labrador retriever

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