Annabelle Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 Years Old ID#2680

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Annabelle!  She is a beautiful female chocolate Labrador retriever breeder Mama that was sprung from the farm.  Annabelle is 8 years old, and is ready to live a leisurely life as a spoiled family dog!  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

January 13, 2022

Annabelle is thoroughly enjoying her life in foster care and retirement. After living on a farm for 8 years, she is all about soft dog beds and couches to lay on. We do crate her minimally when gone for more than an hour, and she does ok, but she really enjoys being around humans who love on her.chocolate labrador retrieverShe is getting more and more energy as her strength has improved tremendously since being in our care, but she still much prefers to spend the majority of her day napping.chocolate labrador retrieverShe does enjoy having a fenced in yard and chasing some squirrels. Because she struggles to go potty on a leash (although she will do it occasionally), a fenced in yard is very helpful for potty. Perhaps a long lead could also work.chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle is a bit timid but all love and can’t wait to find a family to spoil her! She’s got a very calm personality and is eager to please.chocolate labrador retriever

December 30, 2021

Annabelle has gotten her stitches out and has SIX straight days of 4-legged-friends visiting!

Another female eight year old yellow lab played out back with her for a few hours Friday afternoon. They had a blast.chocolate labrador retrieverA nine month old black lab puppy spent the night over the weekend. He was SUPER energetic but the two of them seemed to crush on each other. Annabelle did an amazing job of telling him when enough was enough without being aggressive.chocolate labrador retrieverAnd then a three year old Irish Setter stayed with her to dog sit for two nights this week while her foster family went away. The dogs had so much fun they didn’t get any photos.chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle is such a sweetheart and everyone adores here. She’s still a tad bit working on house training but doing an amazing job! She is crated when left alone for more than an hour or so. And she’s trustworthy in the house when we are home, as long as we made sure she’s gone potty. She just needs a little guidance and patience and making sure she’s taken out, as she hasn’t quite figured out to ask. Her accidents have been very infrequent.chocolate labrador retrieverWe plan to make her adoptable after the new year as she deserves to settle into her forever home! She’s great with kids and great with dogs! And just wants to be loved on and pet and be with people.

December 18, 2021

Annabelle has been with her foster family for over 2 weeks now. She is such a sweetheart who just adores attention & affection.chocolate labrador retrieverShe was spayed on Tuesday and is now 100% retired from her life as a breeding mom. She’s recovering very well.chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle will do great with any family ready to shower her with love, but would definitely prefer a family that is home more than not.chocolate labrador retrieverThis laid back chocolate girl spends her days enjoying her walks & her naps. She’s doing great with her house training. She still does not know many commands, but she also doesn’t need much correcting.chocolate labrador retriever

December 11, 2021

Sweet 8yr old farm girl Annabelle is settling in with us very nicely after her first week! We believe Annabelle spent most of her time in a pen in a barn, and so she understandably has been working her way through a lot of changes. She is doing an AMAZING job. She’s a gentle and happy new addition to our home.chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle loves her daily walks and does great on a leash. We are working with her to be a little less excitable about other dogs & squirrels by trying to redirect her attention with “leave it” and “no” commands. She just wants to play with all the other dogs she passes. She and our resident dog get along well.chocolate labrador retrieverWe found out that we do have to work a bit on house training with her. Which again, is new to her. We are starting to learn her schedule. She has yet to poo on a walk. She waits until she get out back and can go on her own terms. We do crate her now when we leave the house. She barks some but does not seem distressed. We keep a close eye on her in the house if she has not had a bowel movement yet for the day. But she spends most of her day on her dog bed, so it’s an easy job to watch her!chocolate labrador retrieverhe has no interest in trying to learn the stairs and she won’t jump on the furniture either. We’ve started carrying her upstairs with us at night so she can sleep on a dog bed next to us, and we can hear her get up if she needs to go potty. Which she mostly sleeps through the night!chocolate labrador retrieverThis sweetheart has a great disposition and will make an easy transition into her furever home. For being 8, she has a good amount of energy, but with a short walk or 2, she’s happy to sleep most of her day away!

December 5, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle had another great day! She went on a few leash walks. She’s learning how to walk straight and not overly react to other dogs, but all of her behavior is to be expected for a farm girl. With her harness, she’s generally good on a leash.chocolate labrador retrieverShe was left along today for the first time for 2 hours and did great. She spends her time between her humans and napping on her dog bed, which is a new luxury to her.chocolate labrador retrieverShe is new to living an indoor life of luxury, but it’s clear she appreciates the attention and warmth. She has a decent amount of energy for an 8yo, while she still easily settled. When we go on walks (20min or so) her tail wags the entire time.chocolate labrador retriever

December 4, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle has had a wonderful first 24 hours. Her tail is pretty much wagging non-stop. She loves being with her foster family and follows the resident dog throughout the house.chocolate labrador retrieverShe hasn’t had any accidents inside the house, nor has she attempted to chew anything yet. It’s seems she’s experiencing a lot of new sights & sounds, but she is reacting so well too them, even if she’s occasionally a tad skittish.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverShe took a few short walks on a leash today, and she did great putting on the harness and did great walking! The vet mentioned her muscles are weak, and she seems like she could lose a few pounds, so we will be working on both of those.chocolate labrador retrieverAnnabelle has an incredibly sweet and gentle disposition and is very affectionate. She is great with kids and dogs.chocolate labrador retriever

December 3, 2021

Annabelle had her rescue ride from a farm this afternoon! This 8 year old chocolate beauty went right to the vet for a much needed nail trim. She has an amazingly sweet personality. She is a shorter lab and on the petite side weighing in at 68lbs. Her short coat is clean and a beautiful chestnut chocolate color.chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s only been in her foster home for about an hour, but we wanted to send a few pictures and a quick update. She walked around for a bit, smelling everything & and has settled in for some snuggles.chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s friendly with the resident dog and resident small humans. She is definitely on her path to a great life as a spoiled family dog.chocolate labrador retrieverchocolate labrador retriever

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